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Best 6 Exciting Events in Hiroshima! – October 2017 (w/Photos)

Hiroshima is known worldwide as a peace city. Hiroshima having the World Heritage sites such as the Atomic Bomb Dome and Miyajima, many tourists visit the city. There are plenty of sightseeing spots, but in this issue we pick up events that enjoy nature. Not only visiting the famous sightseeing

Best 7 Must-see hot events Guide in Hiroshima for September 2017 (w/Photos)

In Hiroshima, various events are always being held somewhere. Now is the time to show you some of the hottest events going on in September. Many of them are child friendly, so why not join the fun with the whole family? 1. Hiroshima Satoyama Future Fair 2017 3/25~11/

Best 6 Traditional Festivals “Matsuri” Guide in Hiroshima, August 2017 (w/Photos)

Hiroshima is a tourist city that is popular not only to foreign tourists, but also to Japanese locals. You can view the astonishing streets, temples, shrines and more. Due to the old history of the city, there are many historical festivals that are held in Hiroshima. It is a wonderful

Best 5 Must-see hot events Guide in Hiroshima, July 2017 (w/Photos)

Must-see hot events held in Hiroshima for July, 2017 brought to you by MagicalTrip staff. From events featuring Japan’s tradition such as Cormorant Fishing to events where you can enjoy Fireworka. We highlight the best events for anyone visiting Hiroshima in June, 2017 and wondering what to do. Plan