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What to do in Shibuya in the morning? Recommended ways to spend your time

Discover Shibuya: Tokyo's vibrant hub of youth culture, fashion, and entertainment. From iconic crossings to trendy cafes, experience the heart of modern Japan.

“Aiyo” - Delicious Toast for Breakfast at Tsukiji Market (w/Photos)

Tsukiji Market is known as the biggest fish market in the world. Tsukiji Market consists of an inner market where most of the wholesale business and the famous tuna auctions take place, and an outer market with restaurants that offer seafood to customers. Please note that it is prohibited to

Takahashi: How About a Wonderful Seafood Breakfast at Tsukiji Inner Market? (w/Photos)

Tsukiji fish market is famous for the Japanese largest fish wholesale market. This market is separated into two sections: inner market for dealer’s transaction and outer market for the public to eat at restaurants. Takahashi, which is a restaurant that we are going to introduce in this article, is

Ton-katsu Yachiyo: How About a Wonderful Ton-katsu Breakfast at Tsukiji Inner Market? (w/Photos)

Tons of seafood is collected at Tsukiji fish market. Although even tourists can enter the inside, it’s under conditions like you can’t touch fish and so forth. At the inner market, one of the popular restaurants for breakfast is “Ton-katsu Yachiyo” where you can get roast pork with

Delicious sushi breakfast in Tsukiji Market – Iso Sushi (w/Photos)

In the inside market of Tsukiji Market, there is a food court called Uogashi-Yokocho. Iso Sushi is in the 10th building. It is a branch of Isonoke. You can try Indian wild tuna fish and sea unchin sushi as a breakfast. They have 50 years history and they would pick

Delicious seafood breakfast at “ Tsukiji Inner Market” - Kato (w/Photos)

Washoku Kato is located in “Uogashi- yokocho “It was a restaurant area for the workers at Tsukiji Market. The restaurants were for food specialists. So they use carefully selected ingredients. It’s getting popular place among travelers from all over Japan and world come to eat breakfast or lunch. >

Best 5 selection, Delicious breakfast at Tsukiji Inner Market! (w/Photos)

From early morning, “Tsukiji Inner Market” is busy for auctions and wholesalers.“Uogashi -yokocho “was a restaurant area for the workers at Tsukiji Market.. Recently many tourists also visit here and getting crowded.You can enjoy delicious breakfast which use carefully selected ingredients.There are not only sushi restaurants, but