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Recommended Yakiniku Restaurants in Shibuya

Discover Shibuya's best yakiniku in 2024! From high-end wagyu to affordable all-you-can-eat options, experience authentic Japanese BBQ. Grill your own meat or let experts do it for you. A must-try culinary adventure!

Discover Shibuya's Hidden Meat Alleyway (w/Photos)

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Shibuya is a place called Niku Yokocho, where meat lovers gather and feast on great food and drinks.

【Tokyo Nightlife】Best 7 recommended places to eat at Shibuya, Open Midnight: Have a meal during midnight. (w/Photos)

Shibuya, the sleepless hub of Japan's youth culture with the iconic scramble crossing. This article shows the place that you can eat midnight at Shibuya.