Test of courage in Japan would be walking around a haunted spot at night. When you go to a haunted spot in Japan, you shall not go by yourself. When you go there with a group, you shall not force a person who does not want to go. You would not want to make loud noise at night since there are people who live there. In this article, you can read about Tokyo’s haunted spot Sendagaya Tunnel.

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What is Sendagaya Tunnel?

Sendagaya Tunnel is an actual tunnel; located in 2 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Japan. The above the tunnel there is a cemetery. The tunnel is about 61 meter long, 20 meter in weigh; there are two lanes in both sides. In March 1964, this tunnel was opened. This cemetery was belonged to a temple that was related to a famous Samurai family. (Houryousan, Senjuin, Touzenji) This area used to be called Shinrippori; due to Tokyo Olympic, the government redeveloped this area. They needed to rush all the construction therefore; they could not move the cemetery.

Why this Sendagaya Tunnel is haunted?

source: Wikimedia commons

Sendagaya Tunnel was opened due to Tokyo Olympic in 1964. There was a big issue regarding its planning. There was a cemetery in the area they need to redevelop but they did not have time to relocate the cemetery. Thus they made a tunnel below the cemetery. Due to the issue, there have been many reports of strange phenomenon. Some witness told that their car window got hand mark while they drive pass the tunnel; others told that they saw a woman hanging upside down. There have been many gossips that have never stopped. You can get this tunnel without car because it is near a train station; however, you need to look out for traffic.


address:2-24−1Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

JR Sendagaya station about 15 min walk


Are there famous haunted spots in Tokyo?

Neon bright Tokyo has many haunted spots. Sendagaya Tunnel is the one of them. The Old Fukigawa, The Old Komine and The Old Hikawa tunnels are also known as haunted tunnels. If you are driving pass them, you shall be very careful. The famous skyscraper Sunshine 60 is also one of them. They moved a memorial stone to build this building thus there were many accidents while the construction process. You would see ghosts around Yoshiwara area as well as Akasaka and Bancho. There are haunted spots in places everyday life are taken place.