There are many haunted places and spiritual spots in Japan, and lots of people do “courage test” in the summer. In this article, we would like to introduce Aoyama cemetery located in the center of Tokyo. It is a convenient spot for the “courage test” due to its location. At the same time, Aoyama cemetery is a historical cemetery in which important Japanese figures rest in peace. So please be respectful.

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Tokyo Ghost Story Tour in Asakusa, where myths remain

There is a thrilling and popular haunted house at Hanayashiki, an old amusement park in Asakusa. After the amusement park, the guide will take you to places that are related to famous ghost stories as well as the Scary Fusha bar after dinner. An English speaking guide will take you to the “under world”.


Aoyama cemetery is a Tokyo Metropolitan cemetery in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and it is a historical cemetery created by the government in 1872. It was originally a Shinto cemetery but became a joint cemetery after accepting requests from Buddhists and Christians. Later, the Aoyama cemetery became Japan’s first public cemetery in 1926. Aoyama cemetery is famous not only for its lush greenery but also as a cemetery for Japanese historical figures, celebrities, and Gaijin bochi (Foreign section). Lots of people come here to visit for graves, take a stroll, and learn some history. There are spectacular cherry blossom trees along the walkways, so it gets crowded with lots of people in Spring.

Aoyama cemetery as haunted place?

source: icotto

Every cemetery might have a ghost story, but Aoyama cemetery is especially famous as being haunted. One famous ghost story is that a taxi driver picked up a female customer at Aoyama cemetery at midnight and then disappears from the back seat. And there is a rumor that a young group testing their courage at midnight get lost in a different world. In Japan, there are signs that show an exclamation mark to draw attention to places of interest. Usually there is an explanation of the place of interest below the exclamation mark. At the Aoyama cemetery, there is no explanation on the sign.


Address: 2-32-2 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

9 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Gaien-maye station


The most famous haunted place in Tokyo

Aoyama cemetery has easy access for tourists; however, there are more haunted spots that have become sightseeing places in Tokyo. Old Fukiage Tunnel in Ome city, Tokyo, would be the most famous; eerily lamenting voices and footsteps can be heard even though there is no one there. It became famous because psychics and entertainers go there to shoot TV programs. There are also lots of sightseeing places in Ome city, such as “Kushi-kanzashi (comb and hairpin) Museum and Ontake Valley. You can explore Ome city all day long.