## Shimizu-yu

Musashi-Koyama hot springs Shimizu-yu is popular for being able to enjoy nature while being in the city. The reasonable price is another reason of its popularity. At Musashi-Koyama hot springs Shimizu-yu, you can enjoy 2 kinds of hot springs. One of them is the “Kuroyu”, which is common in Tokyo. The hot water is black, and is characteristic of being abundant in minerals. Also, in Musashi-Koyama hot springs Shimizu-yu, they have added a nano bubble generator to the Kuroyu. You can feel the effects of the nano bubbles along with the Kuroyu’s. The other hot springs is the “Ougon no yu”, which flows from a deeper layer underground. Ougon no yu contains plenty of iodine. Therefore, it is said to be effective for curing cuts and scratches. When bathing, it is recommended to bath in the Ougon no yu first, then the Kuroyu. It is even more effective if repeated several times. At Musashi-Koyama hot springs Shimizu-yu, other than hot springs, you can also use the bedrock bath and sauna, so by all means enjoy.

Detail of Shimizu-yu

Address〒142-0062 3-9-1, Koyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hoursWeekday 12PM to 12AM

Sun 8AM to 12AM
Holiday 12PM to 12AM
(Closed on Mondays)



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