## Touhou-yu

Touhou-yu is a 3-minute walk from East Shinjuku station. It is very close to the busy streets of Shinjuku, however it is located in a very quiet residential area. First time visitors may feel as if they had just discovered a secret place.
There is a big bathtub and small bathtub. In the big bathtub, you can enjoy a medicated bath, which changes daily. The owner decides on which herbs to put in depending on the weather and temperature of that day. Therefore, there are many people who visit for the medicated bath. The temperature of the bath is set to 42 degrees, which is a bit high. However, the small bathtub next to the big one is set to 40 degrees. People who are not fond of hot water or childrens can enjoy the smaller bathtub. Customers include local people, as well as people who stop by after hanging out at Shinjuku. Also, because it is a close proximity from Shinjuku station, travelers come in groups. Although it is a small bathhouse that is family-run, the cleaning is neatly done enabling you to enjoy the bath comfortably. If you want to use Japan’s secretly regarded bathhouses, by all means pay this place a visit.

Detail of Touhou-yu

Address〒160-0022 7-11-5, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hours 3PM-0AM


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