## Thermae Yu

Thermae yu is a hot spring facility that is located about 9 minute walking distance from JR Shinjuku Station. Despite being in central Tokyo, it transports natural hot springs from Nakaizu every day. Their hot springs called the hot water of beauty is famous for its high effects on skin. Furthermore, it also has an abundant of rock bed bathing. There are germanium, rock salt, loyly, aroma and etc. Loyly is quite similar to sauna, and after generating steam, it will make you sweat by their heat waves. It is said that it’s effective for anti-aging as well.

You must also know that their facilities are substantial too. There is a juice bar called SPRE BEAUTY & juice Lab that makes smoothies using fresh vegetables and fruits. We recommend you to stop by for hydration after bathing. You can also become beautiful from the inside of your body.

There is also a bar called Thermae Yu BAR that you can use. Here you can enjoy draft beer, whiskey, cocktails and more. Both are a nice service that you can enjoy after entering the hot springs.

Detail of Thermae Yu

Address〒160-0021 1-1-2, Kabuki-cho, Shinjiku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hours11AM-9AM
Web[http://thermae-yu.jp/ ](http://thermae-yu.jp/ )
NoticeChildren under middle school students and those with tattoos, paint, etc. are prohibited


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