## Nagomi no Yu

At Nagomi-no-yu, you can enjoy different types of natural hot springs seasonally along with Musashino hot spring, which is especially rare in Tokyo.

The color of the hot spring is black, and contains a lot of sodium. It has effect of warming body, so you wouldn’t feel chilly after getting out of the bath. Besides the hot springs, you can also use the Jacuzzi bath, dry sauna, and steam sauna.

Furthermore, if you pay additional fees you can also use the rock bed bath. I recommend using it; they will lend you linens and comfortable wears.

There are body soap and shampoos, and amenities such as makeup remover, lotion for women and shavers for men available as well.

Restaurants in the hall will serve you delicious meals that use seasonal ingredients. There are plenty of seats in the large restaurant. Whether it be you alone or with family, you can spend your time while relaxing.

In the basement relaxation area, you can read Japanese comics and magazines. Since its open until 9AM, you can visit after sightseeing and take a nap here. Nagomi no you ha all of the necessities prepared for you, so feel free to drop by!

Detail of Nagomi no Yu

Address〒167-0043 1-1-10, Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hours10AM-9AM
Notice18 or under needs accompany of guardians or adults over 20. Tattoos, body arts (paintings, etc.) are prohibited.


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