When you drink sake, what price do you choose?

Usually many people enjoy sake with reasonable price and sometimes order a little bit expensive one. But…don't you want to try super high price sake?

So, today we'll show you recommended super high price sake that once you want to drink in your life.

7.Dassai migaki sonosakie

source: amazon

It starts from sake of 30,000 yen level. Representative of luxury sake DASSAI.

You can feel the passion of the brewer.
They have polished to a minimum of 23% of its original size of rice.

Polishing ratio 50% or less, it may called Daiginjo. So that you can easy to see how it has done.

This sake has more higher quality than the sake "DASSAI migaki niwari sanbu" . However instead of being more complete sake, it is just like another sake.

The taste of DASSAI is different depending on the type. So please find DASSI of your favorite

6.Tatsuriki kome-no-ssayaki akitsu junmai daiginjo

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The brewer Honda Shoten which makes "Tatsuriki" the famous that it has a variety of types of sake. They make junmai Daiginjo with Yamada nishiki (rice)which is grown in special A area Akitsu, Kato-city Hyogo prefecture and groundwater of Ibo river.

It is said that sake of obtaining the ultimate of smoothness. So that you can enjoy this smoothly sake with delicious dishes.

Watch out! This sake is the one that you drink too much with a meal. Forget the price...


source: amazon

Nakamura-shuzou which has established in 1804, in Kanazawa. This polishing ratio 65% of Junmai sake is using 100% Mikohara rice and pour it in the Taisha yaki pottery without filtering and attached a serial number.
High quality sake and pottery.

This sake was brought to the Pope. The characteristic points are individual flavor due to use rice that is normally used for eating and refreshing aftertaste.

Sake which is satisfied by Japanese sake professional. People who are not satisfied with regular sake, please try to drink this one.

4.sansensomoku junmaiginjo seisei

source: sakasho

The brewer in Ibaragi prefecture Sudohonke brews dry sake with wild rice in limited quantity.
Characterized by precisely balanced taste and crispness. You can feel the ingredients and manufacturing method in old days. Exactly time is money.

We recommend this sake for dry sake lovers. No filtration, fresh you can taste typical sake.
Delicious and rich taste.

You can enjoy this sake with salted squid or other typical Japanese nibbles. You can enjoy traditional way of drinking sake.


source: amazon

Wow! It costs 50,000yen! "Kukurihime" from the brewer Kikuhime in Ishikawa prefecture.
The brewer's flagship ginjo which was slowly aged more than ten years and take out them from sake cellar only once or twice a year. You can taste the flavor of years gone by.

The brewer is committed to ginjo since the time when ginjo was not well recognized. Unique flavor by aging. Quite different one from ordinary sake. Let's try new world of sake!

2.Kikusui special daiginjo Shukondeinoshiro kamutachi

source: nomooo

Wow! Finally more than double price of ranking 3rd. It costs 100,000 yen level!

"Shukondeinoshiro kamutachi" made with Yamada nishiki rice-polishing ratio 33% and this sake is in a wooden box of yūzen pattern.

Mellowness due to the aging long-term storage. Fluffy softness flavor brings you to the superb world.

It has a good balance although different elements are intricately intertwined. The characteristic points of this sake are that you can enjoy various depending on the mood of the day or the food to eat with.

Super rare daiginjo produced only about 60 annually. Will you buy it with your next bonus?

1.Hokusetsu daiginjo YK35 shizukuzake titanium gold

source: nomooo

It is finally the first place! Wow it costs double price of 216,000yen! It must be difficult to buy without full amount of bonus!

Daiginjo Shizuku- zake which used yamada-nishiki rice polishing ratio 35%. Produced by the method from the old days using koshiki (earthenware) and kojibuta(special box). Then squeeze to a sake bag. Sake metre value (SMV) +3, Acidity 1.3. Titanium container. Don't you want to know how much percentage of the total amount this container is? When you pick it up, you'll find out "it should be expensive". So gorgeous container it can be said that the work of art.

While also designing, of course the taste is top. You can taste deliciousness and sweetness of rice. Delicate and elegant taste with refreshing aftertaste. Rich sake with luxurious container.

That are the super high price sake ranking. We think that expensive sake is enough once in your life. Because of such expensive sake, we understand the appreciation of sake that we usually drink.

If you can drink it once in your life, it may be an honor for your life.