Asakusa is an attractive touristic destination not only for many historical temples and shrines but also for the “Sky Tree” Tower, shopping and Izakayas. It is fun to do Izakaya-hopping. Furthermore there are many “Okonomi-yaki” restaurants. We will recommend selected restaurants for “Okonomi-yaki” which is a kind of crape mixed with vegetables and cooked on a hot iron plate.

Top 5 Selections of “Okonomi-yaki” Restaurant in Asakusa

1. “OCOMO” of Asakusa



“OCOMO of Asakusa” is a restaurant specializing “Okonomi-yaki” and “Monja-yaki”. (“Monjya-yaki” is similar to Okonomi-yaki” having a difference way how to eat). Both are cooked on a hot iron plate. The interior decoration looks like Bali resort island of Indonesia. The furniture was directly imported from Bali. You would feel as if you were in Bali. It has a fancy decoration and relaxing ambience. Comfortable sofas are available. Other than “Okonomi-yaki” and “Monja-yaki” you can choose many side dishes and “Teppan-yaki” as well. You can also casually drop by just for drinks.

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2. “Some-Taro”

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“Okonomi-yaki-ya Some-taro” has been in Asakusa since 1937. The specialty of this restaurant is that the chef cooks “Okonomi-yaki” in front of you. Of course you have the choice of cooking it yourself as in other “Okonomi-yaki” restaurants but why not enjoy the chef’s marvelous performance of cooking. One of recommendations à la carte is “Pan Katsu” (a bread cutlet). Bread and mixed minced meat are cooked with lard. Another one is “Shumai-ten”. Here “Mochi” (a rice cake) is fried with minced meat and onion in it. They go very well with “Okonomi-yaki”.

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3. “Tsuru-jiro of Asakusa”


“Tsuru-jiro of Asakusa” is located 3 minutes walk from “Asakusa” Station and has an ambience of modern and Japanese. The interior reminds us of commoners’ town of Asakusa. There are seats at the counter and the chef cooks “Okonomi-yaki” in front of you. Since you can enjoy chef’s cooking performance, it is popular among foreigners who have not had “Okonomi-yaki” before. It is amusing to watch how it is cooked. Its “Monja-yaki” and “Okonomi-yaki” with chicken soup are very good. The popular dishes are “Buta Kimuchi Monja” (with pork and Korean pickles), “Toro-tama Negi-tama”, etc. A menu “eat as much as you want” is available as well.

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4. “Matsuri Bayashi”



“Matsuri Bayashi” is a restaurant for “Okonomi-yaki” situated 3 minutes walk from “Asakusa” Station. The interior is furbished with Japanese fork art and has a serene atmosphere. Asakusa’s local cuisine, “Monja-yaki” is available on the menu. Even if you try “Monja” for the first time, don’t worry, the staff at the restaurant will show you how to eat it. “Okonomi-yaki” is cooked with yam and very fluffy. Why not give it a try? Other than “Okonomi-yaki” and “Monja-yaki” there are varieties of dishes à la cart such as “Teppan-yaki”, rice dishes, and drinks. It goes well with “Sake”.

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5. “Poko Poko”


Restaurant “Poko Poko” is located on “Tanuki-dori” Street in Asakusa. You would not miss its sign board. The restaurant is on the 2nd floor. It is so popular that during lunch time on week-end it is full. It is popular among not only tourists but also local people. Our recommendation would be “Monja-yaki” with beef tendon. “Monja-yaki” is typical local cuisine of Asakusa. Likewise “Ponpoko Monja” which has a little bit of Korean taste, is popular as well. It is cooked with pork, octopus and “Cochujan” (Korean red chili paste).

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What is Asakusa?

History of Asakusa


Asakusa has been prosperous with popular culture for long time as a temple town of “Senso-ji” Temple. It is a commoners’ town. In Asakusa there are many historical temples and shrines and many people used to visit there to worship. Local cuisine developed in order to provide meals for worshippers. After the capital of Japan had moved to “Edo” (today’s Tokyo) in around 1600, Asakusa prospered even more with commerce and entertainment arts. Let’s take a promenade around Asakusa to find the history of the town.

Asakusa Local Cuisines

“Gyu-suji Nikomi” (stew of beef tendon) is such a popular dish that most Izakayas on “Hoppy-dori” Street have it on their menus. A popular Izakaya “Motsukushi” on “Denpo-in-dori” Street has this dish as well. It also offers fresh fish cuisine. The fish are directly come from “Tsukiji” Fish Market. This restaurant is supposed to be the biggest on the street having 110 seats. Why not drop by?

Guided Tour in Asakusa

Magical Asakusa Ninja Bar Food Tour - Night Crawl through Tokyo’s Historical Town

There are so many touristic spots in Asakusa that you may have difficulties to find where to visit. Why not try a guided tour in Asakusa? The tour guide will take you to must-see spots. After sightseeing you have a bar-hopping. Isn’t it great?