A tour of Spots Associated with Literature in Yanesen: “Ogai Mori” Memorial Museum in “Sendagi”

“Ogai Mori”, a prominent writer during “Meiji” Period lived in “Sendagi” of “Yanesen” area. Why don’t you explore a history of Japanese literature in “Sendagi”. We introduce other writers associated with “Yanesen” in the article “A Tour of spots in “Yanesen” Associated with 7 great writers”.

About Ogai Mori

About Ogai Mori

source: Wikimedia commons

“Ogai Mori”, a prominent writer during “Meiji” Period. He lived in “Sendagi” of “Yanesen” area for 30 years or so. His residence is called “Kanchoro” where many writers gathered and they influenced greatly towards Japanese literature in that period. “Kanchoro” is now “Ogai Mori” Memorial Museum showing his activities.

”Sendagi”, associated with “Ogai Mori”

”Sendagi”, associated with “Ogai Mori”

source: wikipedia

“Ogai Mori” left great steps in Japanese literature. For 30 years from 1892 (he was 30 years old then) he lived in “Sendagi” of “Yenesen” till his death at the age of 60. Hence there are many spots associated with him. In particular “Kanchoro” used to be his residence and is worth visiting. You can feel a history of Japanese literature while promenading around “Dai Kan-non” street where he used to walk.

”Kanchoro” now “Ogai Mori” Memorial Museum of “Bunkyo”-ku

”Kanchoro” now “Ogai Mori” Memorial Museum of “Bunkyo”-ku

source: オーロラ特急ノスタルジック旅日記

“Kanchoro”, once a residence of “Ogai Mori” was rearranged and opened as “Ogai Mori” Memorial Museum provided with a large exposition room (308 m2), a library, a lecture room, a boutique, Café “Morikine” and rest area. It is recommended to spend some time to learn about him. In commemoration of 120 years of his birth the museum building was refurbished so that it is well equipped, clean and good for relaxing. Why not pay a visit when you are in Japan?


・Name: Bunkyo-kuritsu Mori Ogai Kinenkan (“Ogai Mori” Memorial Museum)

・Address: 1-23-4 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0022


・Direction (subway, Bus)

5 minutes walk from Exit 1 at “Sendagi” Station, Chiyoda Tokyo Metro Line

10 minute walk from Exit 1 at “Honkomagome” Station, Nanboku Tokyo Metro Line

15 minutes walk from Exit A3 at “Hakusan” Station, Toei Mita Line

15 minutes from Exit West at “Nippori” Station, JR Yamanote Line

・Travel time from Haneda/Narita Airport, “Tokyo” Station

Abot 50 minutes from Haneda Airline, about 60 minutes from Narita Airport, about 20 minutes from ”Tokyo” Station

・Official Site URL:http://moriogai-kinenkan.jp/


Main Building: 10:00 – 18:00 (last admission at 17:30)

Library on 2nd floor: 10:00〜18:00 (last admission at 17:30)

Cafeteria on 1st floor: 11:00 – 17:00 (last order 16:30)


Closed on 4th Tuesday of month(In case it falls on national holidays, closed on the following day)

Year-end/New Year: closed from 29th December to 3rd January)

”Dai-kan-non” Street

”Dai-kan-non” Street

source: http://www.b-kushoren.com/shopping_district/?mall_id=37

“Ogai Mori” used to take this street to go to work. It is a mixture of old and new Tokyo, old shops standing since before-the-war period and new shops together with residences. Imaginably this area must have given him some kind of influence. Why not drop by those shops while walking around “Da-ikan-non” Street?

・Name: “Dai-kan-non” Street

・Address: In the area of 1-20 Sendaki/ 5-5 Sendagi/ 5-5 Sendagi/ 2-30 Muko-ga-oka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

・Direction (subway, bus)

5 minutes walk from “Sendagi” Station, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line

5 minutes walk from “Hon Komagome” Station, Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line

・Travel time from Haneda/Narita Airport, “Tokyo” Station

About 60 minutes from Haneda Airline, about 60 minutes from Narita Airport, about 25 minutes from ”Tokyo” Station

・Official Site URL



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