In Kanazawa more and more tourists go for a sight-seeing in “Kimono”. Kyoto culture evolved in unique way in “Kaga” Domain (old “Kanazawa”). There are many historical monuments such as gardens, temples, shrines, etc. The atmosphere of Kanazawa goes well with “Kimono”. “Kaga Yuzen” is the most famous “Kimono” in Kanazawa. The designs of “Kaga Yuzen” are made by skillfully dyeing textiles with starch. At “Kaga Yuzen Kaikan” (a hall) you can experience wearing “Kimono”.

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Let’s Go for a Sight-seeing in “Kimono” in Kanazawa! : Best 3 Spots

“Higashi Chaya-machi”

You reach “Higashi Chaya-machi” in 15 minutes by bus from Kanazawa Station. The area extends 130m from north to south and 180m from east to west. Old houses with wooden grills and stone pavements are very particular in this quarter. There are “Chaya” more than 200 years old. (“Chaya” literally means a teahouse which refers to the place where “Geisha” entertains their guests.) In the evening you can hear “Samisen” (a music instrument) and “Taiko” (a Japanese drum). During daytime many tourists walk around and some of them are in “Kimono”. You can visit inside the “Chaya” and also enjoy Japanese sweets in a café. In the café there are many varieties to choose from such as excellent Japanese cakes (“Wagashi”), parfaits with sweet paste of adzuki-bean (“Anko”), soft ice creams, etc.

**“Kenroku-en” Garden **

“Kenroku-en” Garden constructed around 1800 is one of Three Outstanding Gardens in Japan together with “Kouraku-en” in Okayama Prefecture and “Kairaku-en” in Ibaraki Prefecture. It is situated in the center of the town close to “Omi-ichiba” (a market) and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. You can appreciate the changing seasons in the garden and it goes well with “Kimono”. Since it is designed like a circuit, good for a stroll. In the garden you can drop by a tea shop to taste a Japanese cake and green tea. “Kasumigaike” (a pond), garden lanterns and pine trees are ideal spots for snap shots. Why not take one in “Kimono”?

“Myotatsu-ji” Temple

Among many temples in Kanazawa “Myotatsu-ji” Temple is one of the most famous temples and good for a promenade in “Kimono”. The temple is also called “Ninja” Temple because there are many tricks installed similar to “Ninja” house. It is very interesting to visit because the building itself is a maze and there are pitfalls, hidden steps and hidden rooms. It was intended to protect from attacks by enemy. Since the temple used to be closely connected to the feudal lord of “Kaga”, there are a tea room for VIPs and specially arranged seats above the main chamber to listen to chanting sutras. Reservation is required for a visit. Please beware that taking photograph is not allowed inside.

What is Kimono?

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