“Kimono” represents the Japanese culture but people don’t wear it in daily life. Nowadays people wear it on auspicious occasions such as weddings or parties. However, even among young people there are many “Kimono” lovers who want to preserve the Japanese culture and are fascinated with “Kimono”. Since Tokyo is well equipped with public transportation to go around and there are many spots with historical architectures where you feel the culture, why not go around in “Kimono”?

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Let’s Go sight-seeing in “Kimono” in Tokyo: Best 3 Touristic Spots!


The best place to visit in “Kimono” is “Senso-ji” Temple. Since you will find many “Kimono” rental shops in “Asakusa” area, you can easily enjoy “Kimono”. Let’s go to “Senso-ji” Temple first! Along the street “Nakamise” 250m long between “Kaminarimon” (a gate of thunder) and “Hozomon” (a gate), there are many souvenir shops. This is the place to enjoy window shopping. On “Asakusa Denpoin-dori” street there are shops for accessories for “Kimono” and hair style such as “Tsuge-gushi” (a boxwood comb). Since in “Asakusa Engei Hall” (a theater) you can enjoy “Rakugo” (a traditional Japanese comic storytelling) performed by “Hanashika” (a story teller) in “Kimono”, why not experience “Yose” (a theater for “Rakugo”)?


“Ginza” is the center of fashion and arts, and ideal place to walk around in “Kimono”. The name derived from the name of area called “Ginza” where “Ginka” (a silver coin) was manufactured more than 400 years ago. “Ginza” is also the place for gourmet dishes because there are famous traditional restaurants for Japanese cuisine some of which are more than 100 years old, as well as beer-halls, fruits bars, etc. Since there are quite a few theaters, cinemas and galleries in the area, you can enjoy arts as well. “Kabuki-za” theater is famous for traditional performing art. For tourist “Hitomaku-miseki” (a single-act ticket) is conveniently available.


“Yanesen” is a town of cats and literature. Many cat lovers visit “Yanesen” area. There are shops selling items with cat motifs and cafés. Many old Japanese style houses are renovated into shops which give off a good ambience for “Kimono”. Photos in “Kimono” with those houses will make a good memory of your visit to Japan. In this area renowned writers used to live around 150 years ago. For example there are remains of a house where “Natsume Soseki” who wrote “I am a cat”, used to live. Also a house where “Mori Ogai who wrote “Maihime” (“the Dancing Girl” in English), still exists as a part of “Hotel Suigetsu”. Since there are many shrines, you might even encounter a wedding in “Kimono”.

What is “Kimono”?

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