Tsukiji shopping: Uogashi Meicha for Japanese tea

Lots of people visit Tsukiji Market every day, a place where you can find seafood and vegetables from all over Japan. Uogashi Meicha is located in the center of the Tsukiji outside market where various stores are lined up. Lots of customers visit Uogashi Meicha to get inexpensive and fresh Japanese tea, and it is a long time favorite of locals and restaurants. You can find affiliated stores in Ginza and other department stores.

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Uogashi Meicha

Source: うおがし銘茶

Uogashi Meicha is a long established store with 80 years of history. You might want to stop by for a cup of tea while you walk-and-eat fresh seafood and shop for souvenirs at Tsukiji. You can enjoy Japanese tea while you shop and browse the tea which come in attractive packages. There is a branch location near Tsukiji Honganji which has a relaxing Japanese style café. It would be a great place to enjoy authentic Japanese tea.

Japanese Tea striving for fragrance and taste

Source: うおがし銘茶

Over 30 different teas all the time at Uogashi Meicha, including classic green tea and roasted tea. Each tea has a different fragrance and taste, and the friendly salespeople will let you know the characteristics of each tea even if you are not familiar with Japanese tea.

About Uogashi Meicha

・ Representive item: Japanese tea leaves

・Business hours: 7am to 3pm

・Store close: Sunday, holidays, Irregularly Wednesday


・Address: 4-10-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

・Telephone: 03-3541-3396

・Direction (by subway/ bus)

Tokyo Metro Hibiya line: 8minute walk from Tsukiji station, Exit 1 or 2

Toei Ooedo line: 8minute walk from Tsukijishijo station, Exit A1

Toei Asakusa line: 15minute walk from Higashi Ginza station

JR line: 15 minute walk from Shinbashi station, or take Metro Bus bound for Chuo Shijo

・Required time from Haneda/Narita airport, and JR Tokyo Station

From Haneda airport:

Take Keikyu Airport line, airport express bound for Narita airport,

Get off at Sengakuji station.

Transfer to Toei Asakusa line, airport express bound for Narita airport,

And transfer to Toei Ooedo line at Daimon station.

Take the Ooedo line bound for Ryogoku, Kasuga and get off at Tsukijishijo.

Estimated transportation time: 40 min total

From Narita airport:

Take Keikyu Skyliner 38, get off at Nippori station.

Trasnfer to JR line bound for Ueno, then get off at Hamamatsucho.

Tansfer to Toei Ooedo line bound for Ryogoku, Kasuga and get off at Tsukijishijo.

Estimated transportation time: 75 minutes total

From JR Tokyo station:

Take Keihin Tohoku line bound for Oofuna to Hamamatsucho

Transfer to Toei Ooedo line bound for Ryogoku, Kasuga and get off at Tsukijishijo.

Estimated transportation time: 20 minutes total

40 minutes from Haneda airport

75 minutes from Narita airport

20 minutes from Tokyo airport

・Website: https://www.uogashi-meicha.co.jp/en/


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