Tukiji market is a worldwide big whole sale market. Visitors come from all over the world and crowded every day. At Tukiji area, there are many restaurants to satisfy visitors with fresh seafood.   There is a shop where you can get matcha sweets as souvenir. It also has cafe and you can also enjoy it there. The special shop is “Jugetudo”.

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Jugetudo Tukiji head office


“Maruyamanori” is a traditional seaweed shop established 150 years ago. They opened this “Jugetudo”. It is apart from Tukiji crowded area and it is relaxing comfortable particular Japanese tea shop. There is Japanese tea adviser in the shop and you can select your favorite one. At cafe, you can have set menu of Japanese tea and sweets, which is excellent. There are also sweets for souvenir. Finance with better matcha and chocolate. Ice cream and pudding. You can enjoy selecting souvenirs from many choices

“Japanese sweets” to enjoy bitter matcha.


Jugetudo collects many particular Japanese sweets from all over Japan. You can enjoy Mont bran and ice cream of bitter matcha with roasted Japanese tea. This cafe is excellent for matcha lovers. When you become tired of walking crowded Tukiji area, why don’t you have a relaxing time at this cafe with tasty tea and sweets?

** **Great  admiration from Paris five stars hotel. “Jugetudo matcha”.

Jugetudo matcha is also provided at Paris first class hotel. Matcha is using Kyoto and Shizuoka’s high quality leafs. Vivid green and rich smells are excellent. You can of course drink it as it is but also good to use it for cooking. They make their recipe open so you can try it after you trip.

Overview of “Jugetudo”

・representative menus matcha, Japanese tea, Japanese sweets

・openAM7:30~PM6:00  AM9:00~PM6:00(market close)

・close  Sunday, national holiday


4-7-5, Tukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo



Tokyo metro hibiya line “Tukiji” station exit 1, 2. 8 minutes walk

Toei oedo line “Tukiji shijo” exit A1, 8 minutes

Toei Asakusa line “Higashi ginza” 15 minutes walk

JR “Shinbashi” station 25 minutes walk, or Tobus to “Chuo ichiba”

・From Haneda, Narita airport, Tokyo station

From Haneda airport

Keikyu airport line, airport express (to Narita airport) from “Sengakuji” station. Change trains to toei asakusa airport express (to Narita airport). At “Daimon” station, change trains to toei oedo line Ryogoku, Kasuga direction and get off at “Tukiji shijo” station. About 40 minutes

From Narita airport. Take skyline 38 (to keisei ueno). Ar “Nippori” station, change trains to yamanote line ueno direction. At “Hamamatu cho” station, change trains to toei ohedo line Ryogoku, Kasuga direction and get off at “Tukiji shijo” station. About 75 minutes.

From “Tokyo” station. Take keihin tohoku line express (to ohfuna). At “Hamamatu cho”, change trains to toei oedo line Ryogoku, Kasuga direction and get off at “Tukiji shijo” station. About 20 minutes.

From Haneda airport. About 40 minutes / From Narita airport. About 75 minutes / From Tokyo station. About 20 minutes

・Official site URL

丸山海苔店 Official Website



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