Via Inn Ginza is an ideal hotel if you plan to visit Tsukiji Market, Ginza, and the Kabuki Theater. In this article, we will introduce highlights of Via Inn Higashi Ginza.

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Via Inn Higashi Ginza

Via Inn Higashi Ginza

source: ホテバンク

Via inn Ginza is a business hotel                                 located 5 minutes away from Higashi Ginza station. The stylish exterior and interior gives the image of a luxurious hotel yet the price is affordable in Ginza, Tokyo. The location of the hotel is ideal not only visiting to Tsukiji Market and Kabuki Theater but also for visiting popular downtown areas such as Ginza, Yurakucho, and Shinbashi where there are lots of eateries and bars.

Complementary Breakfast at Via Inn Higashi Ginza

Complementary Breakfast at Via Inn Higashi Ginza


When you stay at Via inn Higashi Ginza, there is a complementary breakfast every day between 6:30am to 9:30am. You can enjoy rice ball, freshly baked bread, and fruits. There is also seasonal menu available for the complementary breakfast. You can have a good rest at the hotel and start your day full of energy with the complementary breakfast.

Rooms and facility

Rooms and facility 

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Besides standard single, twin, and double rooms, there are 9 other  different room grades and styles available in this hotel; some rooms are equipped with a massage chair, and the lady’s room plan has special amenities for female guests.

Rooms and facility2

source: JTB

Via inn Ginza is equipped with a Laundromat, vending machines, and ice makers as well as a convenience store and café for breakfast and snacks. There is a free space equipped with tables and chairs that anyone can use when it is not reserved.

Via Inn Higashi Ginza


・Address:   2-15-13 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo   〒104-0045

・Phone number: 03-3545-5489

・Check in: 3pm/ Check out: 10am

・Credit card accepted: VISA/ JCB/American Express/ Master/J-WEST

・Directions (by subway/ bus):

Tokyo Metro Hibiya line/ Toei Asakusa line: 2 minutes walk from Higashi Ginza station exit 2

Tokyo Metro Hibiya line: 2 minutes walk from Tsukiji station exit 2

Toei Ooedo line: 5 minutes walk from Tsukijishijo station exit A1

Tokyo Metro Ginza line: 7 minutes walk from Ginza station exit A6

JR Yamanote line/ Keihin Tohoku line: 13 minutes walk from Yurakucho station

・Required transportation time from Haneda/ Narita airport, and JR Tokyo station:

40 minutes from Haneda airport

90 minutes from Narita airport

10 minutes from JR Tokyo station