![Volga rice](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522811831/01-Volga-rice_xknx5x.jpg)
Volga rice is a local specialty that only few people are aware of. It is made with omelet rice topped with pork cutlet and demi-glace sauce. The secret to its taste is the harmony of meat, egg, rice, and the sauce. Each restaurant has its own unique seasoning but every one of them is delicious. Even within the sauce, there are varieties such as; demi-glace, tomato, Chinese. There is also the choice of ketchup rice, chicken rice, butter rice, and fried rice which is then combined with fluffy egg and juicy yet crunchy pork cutlet bringing out the flavor from every ingredient. Volga rice is the plate that has been invented to enjoy the moment of bliss at the travel destination. This article will cover restaurants that serve Volga rice and the characteristics of each restaurant.

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Volga Rice, ultimate western-style local food in Fukui

![Volga rice](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522811827/02-volga-rice_agxc2z.jpg)
Volga rice is believed to have originated at Echigo City, Fukui Prefecture, and has been served at Takefu District, Echigo City for over 30 years. Although it is not a famous plate, there are numerous restaurants that still serves Volga rice at Takefu District.

Among the western foods developed in Japan, omelet rice is a typical dish loved by everyone. Volga rice arranged such omelet rice realizing the perfect harmony that brings out the umami(savory taste) of the ingredients.

Volga rice is a dish made from rice, egg, cutlet, and sauce but the seasoning of rice and sauce varies by restaurants. A typical Volga rice is served with rice seasoned with ketchup covered with egg with pork cutlet and demi-glace sauce on top of it. It is filled with various flavor and texture most notably the umami of meat combined with rich taste. Although it may seem like each serving is quite a bit, with the help of calculated seasoning balance, one can smoothly enjoy the dish.

Places you can have Volga Rice In Fukui

Volga rice is by no means a famous dish. It is reccommended to reaserach the restaurants that serve Volga rice for it is not served in every restaurants. This article will cover restaurants that serve Volga rice at the home of Volga rice, Fukui.

Yokogawa Bunten

![Yokogawa Bunten](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522811823/yokogawa-bunten_hq8sdn.jpg)
Yokogawa Bunten is a long-established western restaurant located in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. It is located past Takefu station’s bus roundabout and 7 minutes along the two-lane road that branches towards West right as the road enters the Ookami Shrine’s path.
![Volga rice in Yokogawa Bunten](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522811819/volga-rice-yokogawa-bunten_ymozgs.jpg)
It has been serving Volga rice since 1970 with thinly cooked omelet rice topped with an impressive pork cutlet. The secret to its popularity is the secret sauce that has been used since its very beginning. Pork cutlet is fully covered with the sauce and the same sauce is used to make chicken rice. It is also popular among women because it is not heavy and very easy to eat. Despite its simplicity and orthodox choice, it has a unique flavoring.

Yokogawa Bunten’s basic information
– Opening hours: 11:30~23:00 Closed on Tuesdays
– Tel: 0778-22-7172
– Reservation: Unavailable
– Credit card: Unavailable
– Drink: Beer, Japanese rice wine, Shochu a clear liquor, Soda
– Good for whom: Family, Friends, Couple, Alone
– Website: Unavailable
– Location: Fukui Prefecture, Echizen City, Kyo-machi, 1 Cho-me, 4-35


cafe de Imari is a long-established restaurant at Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. It is 15 minutes by walk from Kitago station and 10 from Takefu station by taxi. Imari is also known for being owned by a relative of famous manga artist Ryouichi Ikegami. Inside of the restaurant is decorated with illustrations by him. It attracts visitors with its at-home atmosphere.
![Volga rice in Imari](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522811726/Volga-rice-Imari_q5raej.jpg)
Volga rice served here is absolutely delicious. Crunchy cutlet covered with thick demi-glace sauce is placed on top of omelet rice that is half-done. The sauce is made by simmering meats and vegetable over long period of time trapping all the umami inside the sauce. In addition, pork cutlets are served freshly cut and fired after each order is made. The plate is filled with the restaurant’s care making a long-lasting classic of the restaurant.

Imari’s basic information
– Opening hours: 8:00~18:00 Closed on Wednesdays
– Tel: 0778-23-4845
– Good for whom: Family, Friends, Couple, Alone
– Website: Unavailable
– Location: Fukui prefecture, Echizen City, Sinpo 2-2-2


Iwakura is an izakaya located at Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture and is only open during night. The restaurant itself is quite small with mainly counter seats. It is found among a thin alley with local atmosphere created by various snack bars. Although it may be a bit hard for visitors to find this restaurant, the delicious Volga rice is worth the hassle.
![Volga rice at Iwakura](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522811718/Volga-rice-at-Iwakura_jgyd9b.jpg)
One of many popular dishes at Iwakura is the Iwakura style Volga rice. It is a Volga rice that utilizes 4 different sauces each offering different delight. The omelet is served with ketchup and pork cutlet is with tonkatsu (pork cutlet) sauce, homemade tomato sauce, and heavy cream. The complex flavor from each sauce mixes in one’s mouth enhancing each other’s taste creating a perfect harmony.

Iwakura’s basic information
Opening hours: 18:30~Till sunrise
– Tel: 0778-23-4643
– Good for whom: Friends, Couple, Alone
– Website: Unavailable
– Location: Fukui Prefecture, Echizen City, Katsura-cho 5-11


Edoya is a long-established udon and soba restaurant located at Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. Other than udon and soba, it serves various Japanese style cuisines including “Japanese style Volga rice”. The restaurant has tables and zashiki (tatami area with cushions) creating an atmosphere where people can eat peacefully.
![Volga rice “Deka Mori” in Edoya](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522811710/Volga-rice-at-Edoya_nhn8qv.jpg)
Edoya’s Japanse style Volga rice uses Japanese style dashi to season the egg creating its unique flavor. In addition, at Edoya, a customer can choose the size of Volga rice from mini, normal, large, and extra-large. The extra-large is unbelievably large so it is recommended to order when there are 2-3 people. The volga rice can be enjoyed with any size with reasonable price nonetheless.

Edoya’s basic information
– Opening hours: 11:00~19:00 Closed on Mondays and every third Sunday
– Tel: 0778-24-3248
– Reservation: Available
– Credit card: Unavailable
– Good for whom: Family, Friends, Couple, Alone
– Website: https://www.facebook.com/etizenesiedoya/
– Location: Fukui Prefecture, Echizen City, Takase, 2 Cho-me, 6-15

Reviews of Volga Rice in Fukui

![Volga rice](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522811706/Volga-rice_pycede.jpg)
For those of you who would like to try out Volga rice, here are some review from people that have tried Volga rice.


I was expecting a very heavy and junky flavor but it was easily edible for women so that was very suprising.
There was pork cutlet under omelet rice like thing?
There were pork cutlets both on top and bottom and the egg was very fluffy.
The egg tasted like it was flavored with margarine!

Tasogare Salty (Imari)

Cutlet is crunchy yet juicy. It is thick but very soft and delicious ♪The ketchup flavor of the chicken rice hidden under the soft egg is not too strong and perfectly matches with the demi-glace sauce. Much better than expected!
The employee of the restaurants were very kinds too and they let me take few photos as well.

Don Volga(Iwakura)

Pork cutlet is hard fried yet fragrant. One can enjoy the texture of the ingredients with rich flavor in the ketchup rice.
The correct way to enjoy “Iwakura” is to relaxingly enjoy wine while eating the western menu. It may require a bit of courage to enter this restraint at first sight, but please, try it. I can almost guarantee you that there will be a warm welcome from the generous master chef.

A Solitary Runner(Yokogawa Bunten)

Delicious!! It’s beyond expectation. The fluffy and moist chicken rice matches the crunchy pork cutlet perfectly! The cutlet itself is thinly coated and excess oil is well drained making it rather easy to finish. The sauce, it’s just amazingly delicious. It looks like demi-glace but it tastes completely different. It has the perfect balance of acidity making it taste like tomato sauce summarizing the overall taste.
I’ve tried volga rice at different restaurants before but this place’s volga rice is on a whole new level. At other restaurants, it was just a combination of pork cutlet with omelet rice but this restaurant’s is coherent as one plate.
If you ever come to Fukui, this is a must eat. Gochisousama deshita!

Origin of the name of Volga Rice

![Volga rice](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522811703/Volga-rice2_erlgcc.jpg)
Here we will explain the question, “Why is even called Volga rice in the first place?” Well, there are several theories to explain this.

The first theory is that Volga rice originate from a Russian dish called “volga”. Volga also uses eggs so from that similarity, it is believed that it was named Volga rice.

Another theory is that it is believed that it originated at Borgana region in Italy. Another one related to Russia is that the egg is replicating the Volga river in Russia and the pork cutlet is the ship crossing the river thus given the name Volga rice.

There are more theories to the origin of its name adding more fun to Volga rice.