![Amidasoba Yubuan](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812274/01-yubuan_qtuz1l.jpg)
Amidasoba Yubuan is a soba restaurant in Fukui. They offer Echizen soba which is local gourmet of Fukui. Soba of Yubuan is a “10 wari soba” which means using only buckwheat flour. Because they are not using flour as a main ingredient, it is possible to taste the full flavor of buckwheat. If you want to taste the Echizen soba, Yubuan is a great place. Here we will introduce to you about Yubuan.

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Yubuan, soba resutaurant using pure soba and customizing soba as unique local food

![Amidasoba Yubuan](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812270/02-yubuan_eaqtgu.jpg)
Yubuan is a Echizen soba restaurant located in Fukui. The location is about a 4-minute walk from Fukui Station West Exit. Echizen soba is a local gourmet of Fukui. Good buckwheat flavor, grated radish and dipping soup are its main features.

Soba of Yubuan is a “10 wari soba” which means using only buckwheat flour. So the soba has good taste. Also they care about the thickness and way of boiling the noodles. When you dip thick noodle in the soup and eat it, you can enjoy the buckwheat flavor well.

Because they have their own style of soba, their menu also specializes in soba. They recommend “oroshi soba zanmai” which comes with 3 dipping soups all with large portions of soba. This restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy delicious Echizen oroshi soba. If you want to enjoy Echizen soba in Fukui, Yubuan is the place.

Echizen Oroshi Soba, simple and flavorful soba as local food in Fukui

![Echizen Oroshi Soba](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812238/03-yubuan_tba2tl.jpg)
Here, we introduce the Echizen soba which is a local gourmet of Fukui. Echizen soba is served with grated radish and green onions. You will dip it into dipping soup before you eat. The grated radish is a unique characteristic, so it is also called Echizen oroshi (grated radish) soba too. It is said that Echizen soba was eaten in Fukui since the Edo period. The whole buckwheat is grinded as buckwheat flour, so it has good flavor and the color of soba is dark.

For the grated radish of Echizen soba, pungent radish is used. Its pungent taste complements the flavor of soba. Also, green onions complement the flavor of soba too. The soba comes with dried bonito fish powder.

In the dip soup, dried bonito fish powder is used. The soba you dip into soup before you eat it is called “Tsukesoba” or “Morisoba”. The soba that is in the soup when it is served is called “Bukkake” or “Kakesoba”.

Thus, since there are lots of way of eating the Echizen soba, find your favorite style and enjoy the delicious Echizen soba.

What is Echizen Oroshi Soba at Yubuan

![Amidasoba Yubuan](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812234/04-yubuan_wqna1i.jpg)
The Echizen Soba of Yubuan is a “10 wari soba” which means it only uses buckwheat flour. A slightly thick noodle and has a dense texture. Plenty of dried bonito fish powder and green onions are on top of the soba. You dip it into the soup which contains grated radish and that kind of style is called “Tsukesoba”.

There are three types of dip soup. They are grated radish, wasabi and yam. If you order “Oroshi Soba Zanmai” you can taste all three types. It is also possible to order each dip soup too.

Also, you should not forget to taste Sobayu. Sobayu is the hot water used for cooking soba. Nutrients such as vegetable protein, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and etc. are concentrated from soba into Sobayu.

You can drink Sobayu in any way. Many people mix it into the dip soup and drink it together. Mixing grated radish and changing the flavor and texture is another way to enjoy Sobayu. Drinking good quality Sobayu straight is also delicious. You can also pour Sobayu into an open dip soup bowl and drink it.

Other foods at Yubuan

![Yamakake-gohan Amidasoba Yubuan](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812230/05-yubuan_xbrtkq.jpg)
Since the Yubuan specializes in Soba, most of the things in the menu is Soba. As a side menu, they only have Yamakake Gohan, Japanese Sake and Beer. Those side menu are enough to enjoy Echizen soba.

Yamakake Gohan is yam over the rice with shredded seaweed on top of it. It goes good with Echizen soba. It can make your stomach full. When you are hungry, it is a good choice. It is a good side menu.

Japanese sake and beer also goes good with Echizen soba. The protein in Soba and Sobayu are said to be effective for hangovers. Also if you drink a lot, it will taste good. Enjoy the harmony of soba and sake.

Prices of Yubuan

The most famous menu “Oroshi Soba Zanmai” is 1,300 yen.
Other single item soba which you can choose dip soup is about 600 yen to 800 yen. For large portion, the extra charge is 200 yen.After eating a soba, in case you want to order another soba, you will receive a 100 yen discount for that.
Yamakake Gohan is 300 yen. Japanese sake and beer are about 500 yen to 600 yen

Opening hours of Yubuan

Yubuan is open from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. Though, as soon as the soba is sold out, they will be closed. They do not have a specified closed day but sometimes they are closed.
When you cannot visit Yubuan, a sister restaurant called “Amidasoba Fukunoi” can be a alternative choice. Yubuan is only open for lunch time but “Fukunoi”, the sister restaurant is open during dinner time too.
“Fukunoi” is open from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm (last order). They do not have a closed day.

Location and access of Yubuan

Amidasoba Yubuan is a 4 minute walk from Fukui Station West Exit.

The location of Amida Soba Yubuan
1-9-1 Chuo, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

Amidasoba Fukunoi, the sister restaurant is located in the 1st floor of Fukui Station West Exit shopping mall “Happiring Mall”

Location of Amidasoba Fukunoi

Reviews of Yubuan

![Amidasoba Yubuan](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812225/06-yubuan_acgkov.jpg)
What kind of impressions did the visitors of Yubuan have. Following are some reviews that might be helpful if you are planning to visit Yubuan in the future.

Kabuto – visited with partner

When i was looking for a place to eat lunch, I saw a tagline that says “10 wari soba” and thought “I cannot miss this!”.So I visited the restaurant.I think the pungent radish is a ordinary radish but a little pungent one.

My partner does not like pungent radish and was saying that “I cannot eat it because the pungent componet is to strong in the mouth.”but I like it so I ate all.All of the menu contains grated radish in the soup. I was told that it is the characteristic thing of Echizen soba.The “10 wari soba” tasted good and goes good with the dip soup. To say it in one word will be “DELICIOUS!”.

If you are not good at having pungent taste, though you like soba it might be better to have soba without it. If you are good at having pungent taste and love soba, I will recommend this soba.

chocola_japan – visited with family

It is a small restaurant in the shopping district near the train station.
When I visit Fukui, I thought I should not miss Echizen soba with pungent radish. So I was looking for a restaurant.I was lucky to encounter this restaurant.I enjoyed the delicious “10 wari soba with oroshi”.the pungent component of pungent radish enhance the appetite. I was able to eat all soba in a moment.My family ordered “Oroshi Soba Zanmai” which you can try three flavors of “oroshi”, “wasabi oroshi”, “yum oroshi”. They said pungent taste of “wasabi oroshi” was strong.Sobayu was also served and I also made the soup bowl of dip soup empty.Everything was DELICIOUS♪ Thank you!

p-penguin – visited alone

When I arrived in Fukui Station, between the transit to Echizen Railway, I had this soba.It was before the restaurant start getting crowded, so we could have a seat immediately.When I first heard “Oroshi Soba” I had a prejudice but now it is one of my favorite food.Pungent taste of radish and soba matches well.I also have grated radish with soba at home, but the impact is not strong as it was when I had soba at Yubuan.

Futtago – visited with friend

Around this restaurant was hollow stillness but this restaurant had lots of customers.I ordered soba because it is a Fukui specialty.It was comfortable eating the soba and feeling the soba passing the throat. I felt I can eat more.Sometimes when I eat soba, I feel something heavy is lying on my stomach. But this soba seems to digest well.Sobayu was also served. We were able to fully enjoy the flavor of soba.

Other basic info of Yubuan


Amidasoba Yubuan: 0776-76-3519
(Sister restaurant) Amidasoba Fukunoi: 0776-43-0739


Reservations not accepted
Fukunoi, the sister restaurant accepts reservation.

Credit card

not accepted


Beer, sake

Good for whom

Alone, couple, friends, family