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I'm Eri, I've been living in Tokyo for more than 10 years! I love to travel, finding good restaurants, sightseeing spots so I know well around Tokyo. I hope you ca get some ideas from my articles!

Yanaka Ginza: Cat Cafe "Neco Republic"

Discover Neco Republic, a popular cat cafe in Tokyo's Yanaka Ginza area, known for its quaint townscape and cat-friendly culture. Get details on accessing, fees, and interacting with rescued cats.

Yanaka Ginza: Enjoy the Taste of Osaka in Tokyo! Delicious Ikayaki at "Yakiya"

Experience Showa-era ambiance at Yakiya, a gem serving Osaka's iconic ikayaki (grilled squid) in Tokyo's historic Yanaka Ginza district. Immerse yourself in this soul food delight.

Yanaka Ginza: A Standing Izakaya Bar "CRAFT SAKE STAND"

Yanaka Junmai-ya, a modern sake stand blending into Yanaka's retro townscape amidst Tokyo's redevelopment, offering over 80 craft sakes and a taste of tradition.

Recommended Restaurants for Dinner in Shibuya

Discover the best restaurants and izakaya pubs in the trendy Shibuya district, Tokyo's youth culture hub. From sushi to yakitori, scenic views to authentic local izakayas.

Japan's Classic Izakaya Menu! Introducing Izakayas in Shibuya

Discover classic Japanese izakaya dishes and top izakaya spots in trendy Shibuya, Tokyo's iconic youth hub known for its lively scramble crossing and nightlife.

Yanaka Ginza Tour & Recommended Spots to Visit Individually

Discover nostalgic Tokyo in Yanaka, with its preserved Showa-era townscape, Yanaka Ginza's vintage shops, cat-themed cafes, famous cemetery, and guided tours exploring the highlights.

Strolling Through Old-fashioned Shopping Streets in Tokyo

Explore the nostalgic shopping streets of Tokyo - featuring traditional Japanese delicacies, souvenirs, and cultural insights. Discover a unique slice of life in Japan.