Fukuoka – the most exciting city in Kyusyu. Fukuoka is famous for 温泉 (Onsen), such as二日市温泉 (Futsukaichi Onsen), 薬王寺温泉 (Yakuouji Onsen) or dishes such as ラーメン(Ramen),もつ鍋(Motsunabe.) Besides good cuisine there are many temples, shrines and other touristic spots. Events such as festivals and numerous artistic activities. We’ll tell you about the events at Fukuoka in this season. Let’s join the events and lots of more fun in Fukuoka!

Traditional festivals

Kasuga Nakoku Andon matsuri


A festival organized by the people of Kansuga themselves. They light up thousands of Andon (handmade lights)

「春日あんどん祭り(Kasuga Andon Festival)」will be organized this year in Fukuoka. Prefectural Kasuga Park. During the festival 10.000 lights are lit up for the spirits of the ancient people in Kasuga creating a spectacular scene.

During the festival there are several side activities like: an handmade Andon art contest, photo contest, several performance and entertainment acts and a concert by the citizens of Kasuga. A special towel of Kasuga Nakuni Andon festival is sold besides local products.

Fukuoka Prefectural Kasuga Park where the festival is held is a huge park. Consisting out of fields and surrounded by many types of trees. You can play sports, enjoy nature in the middle of city.  There are special sports areas, a baseball stadium, playing field, tennis courts, gate ball, an amphitheater and also a natural style garden. The park has numerous facilities. Through the park is a walking path for 1.6 KM. popular for jogging.

Enjoy this festival park and enjoy a combination of autumn atmosphere and fun!


14-15. October. 2017


【Day1】 Opening Ceremony 6:00 P.M –

【Day2】 Commerce and local products exhibition、performances by citizens

Andon lightning 6:00 PM -8:30 PM

Will continue also during light rain

Access & Address

JR Kagoshima Kasuga Station 10 minutes on foot

JR Kagoshima Ōnojō Station 15 minutes on foot

Nishitetsu Kasugabaru Station 15 minutes on foot

Fukuoka Prefectural Kasuga Park

Haramachi 3-1-4  Kasuga  Fukuoka

longitude: 33.530091 latitude: 130.469636

Admission Fee &Reservation


No reservation required

Official Site


Events for Traditional culture and historical related experiences

-100 Year Special Exhibition – The revive of Korokan and the history of exchange of people and Karamono


To celebrate the 100 year discovery of Korokan at the Fukuoka City Museum「100 Year Special Exhibition – The revive of Korokan and the history of exchange of people and Karamono」

Korokan (A guesthouse for ancient diplomacy) located at Hakata Bay was the end of the Silk Road. It was just like a迎賓館(Geihinkan /State Guest House)of the ancient. An exchange of envoys, traders and monks between China and Japan.

唐物(Karamono)which brought from China was influenced to Japanese culture. Though the Karamono, related documents of Korokan was the key point of East-West trading and Influenced Japanese culture, looking back on the glory of old days.

And also you can see achievement of excavation survey for 30 years from 1987.

Fukuoka City Museum is located at the Seaside Momochi.

At the museum you can see the national treasure The Gold Seal, recovered relics of Korokan.

Touch & Experience Room, information search section and several information service functions.

The museum café is good place to have a lunch or take a break and offers a nice view over the sea..


7.September – 22.October. 2017  9:30A.M.-5:30P.M.  (admitted until 5 P.M.)

Closed on Monday (If Monday falls on a national holiday, closed the next day)

Access& Address

From JR 「博多駅(Hakata station)」,Nishitetsu bus get off「博物館北口(Hakubutsukan North Ext)」「博物館南口(Hakubutsukan South Ext)」「福岡タワー南口(FukuokaTower South Ext)」5 minutes on foot

3-1-1, Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka

Fukuoka City Museum

longitude: 33.589785 latitude: 130.353066

Admission Fee&Reservation

Adult   1,200yen (1,000yen)

High School / University Students   800yen (600yen)

Junior High School students or younger   Free

Official Site


Moon viewing of Sarakura during mid Autumn


Listen to the music, talk about moon, enjoy moon at Sakurayama.「Moon viewing of Sarakura during mid Autumn」

Here you can listen to interesting explanations of an astronomer, trying the  astronomical observation, enjoy listening to live music with Chinese instruments二胡(Niko – Erhu), piano. You can also join the tea ceremony. A wonderful place to experience special moments.

Sarakurayama has the best mountain  view observation platform in Kyushu. The height of the mountain is 622 meters. You can have a view of Kita Kyusyu. Enjoy a unique view from the observation platform related to date, season, weather and direction. So that every time when you are here, you will enjoy a different scenery. Best location to enjoy moon and night view.

The temperature at the top of the mountain is about 5 Celsius degrees colder than the city. Especially during autumn the temperature differences vary a lot. Even during day time it can be warm or cold during autumn season, better to bring a light coat and or scarf.


7.October 2017   5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Access & Address

From Kagoshima Honsen 「八幡駅Yahata Station」

25 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by car

Between Yahata Station and Sarakura yama Cable Car 山麓駅 (Sanroku Station)

Free Shuttle bus ( Only Saturday, Sunday, National holiday about 10 minutes)

Yahata Higashi-ku Kitakyusyu Fukuoka Sasakurayama peak observation platform 2F

Lounge (indoor)

longitude: 33.863444 latitude: 130.811864

Admission Fee & Reservation

Admission Fee: Free

Admission Charge for Cable Car & Slope Car is necessary

Official site


Contemporary Art Event

73th Fukuoka Prefecture Art Exhibition 県展 (KenTen)


Historical 県展(Kenten)at Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art.

Kenten is an arts competitive exhibition by residents of Fukuoka.

It shows 7 categories: Japanese painting, Western painting, Sculpture, Crafts, Calligraphy, Photography, and Design. More than 3000 Submissions from residents of Fukuoka.

The exhibition is divided into 4 sections.

1st section: Calligraphy, 2nd: Western painting, 3rd: Japanese painting, Sculpture, Design, 4th: Crafts, Photography

The displayed works are all those selected and the winners and member of the Fukuoka Prefectural Art Association.

You’ll find many works.

Near Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art lays the underground shopping area where European style stone paving and more than 100 shops. 天神西通り(Tenjin Nishi dori) which has fashionable restaurants, galleries and boutiques.

Fukuoka Akarenga Cultural Center , one of Important Cultural Property of Japan which is built in Meiji period (1909) by 辰野金吾(Kingo Tatsuno ) who was famous for his Western Architecture such as Tokyo Station. Surrounded by many interesting places.

This area is nice for eating and shopping. You can enjoy Fukuoka.

After this exhibition, it’s nice to take a walk and visit the nice shops you can find in this area.


  1. September.2017 – 1.October 2017

10:00A.M. – 6:00P.M.(admitted until 5:30 P.M.)

Closed on Monday

Except: Monday 18 September (National Holiday) is open. The next Tuesday closed

1st: Calligraphy,

Tuesday 5 September – Sunday 10 September

2nd: Western painting

Tuesday 12 September – Monday (National Holiday) 18 September

3rd: Japanese painting, Sculpture, Design

Wednesday 20 September – Sunday 24 September

4th: Crafts, Photography

Tuesday  26 September  – Sunday 1 October

Access & Address

Subway Kuko Line 「天神駅(Tenjin Station)」10 minutes on foot

Nishitesu Bus From JR「博多駅(Hakata Station)」Hakata Ekimae  A

301・302・303・305 「天神北(Tenjin Kita)」get off  5  minutes on foot

Nishitetsu Tenjin Ōmuta Line 「西鉄福岡(天神)駅(Nishitetsu FukuokaStation)」

15 minutes on foot

Fukuoka Expressway from「天神北ランプ(TenjinKita Exit)」・「築港ランプ(Chikko Exit)」

3minuts by car

5-2-1 Tenjin, Chūō-ku Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka

Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art

longitude: 33.597315 latitude: 130.398602

Admission Fee &Reservation

Adult   300yen

High School / University Students   200yen

Junior High School students or younger   100yen

Official Site


Food Event

Kyushu Beer Festival 2017 Hakata


The biggest Craft Beer Festival in Kyusyu comes in the autumn of 2017, for the first time in Hakata area

The Staff of top breweries from all over Japan will serve you. You can taste the differences of beer which come directly from the breweries.

「Kumamoto Umaimono Festival」also held at the same time. So that you can enjoy a nice combination, beer and food from Kumamoto. You can all pay with cash at the food booth by Kumamoto Umaimono Festival.

Let’s take a look at the menu which is recommended: 丸乃屋塩からあげ(Marunoya Shio Karaage) won gold medals at Kumamoto Karaage championship for 3 following  years.(2014-2016) .  ちくわサラダ(chikuwa Salad)Fried chikuwa with potato salad inside. This chikuwa salad is a soul food for Kumamoto residents. They use famous hinagu chikuwa from Kumamoto Yatsushiro. As typical Kumamoto dish, 馬刺ステーキ( Basashi steak). Charcoal-grilled fresh raw horse meat. 旨辛絶品餃子(umakara zeppin gyoza)with Yuzu koshou. When you eat once you can never forget the taste!
Every dish suits for beer.

A glass of beer is 600 yen. You can buy the beer with a special beer ticket. The beer will be served with 「Kyusyu Beer Festival Original plastic Cup」. The cup is free. Let’s enjoy the beer and delicious food from Kyushu!


2 -9 October  2017


2   October   (5:00P.M.- 9:00P.M.)

3-6 October    (3:00P.M.- 9:00P.M.)

7-9 October    (11:00A.M.- 9:00P.M.)

Access & Address

JR Hakata Station close by

Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka JR Hakata Station Square

longitude: 33.591358 latitude: 130.414878

AdmissionFee & Reservation

Entrance fee: Free

Beer: Ticket system 600 yen per glass

Official site


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