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Best 5 exciting events in Fukuoka – For October 2017 (w/Photos)

Fukuoka – the most exciting city in Kyusyu. Fukuoka is famous for 温泉 (Onsen), such as二日市温泉 (Futsukaichi Onsen), 薬王寺温泉 (Yakuouji Onsen) or dishes such as ラーメン(Ramen),もつ鍋(Motsunabe.) Besides good cuisine there are many temples, shrines and other touristic spots. Events such as festivals and numerous artistic activities. We’ll

Best 7 Must-see hot events Guide in Fukuoka, August 2017 (w/Photos)

Must-see hot events held in Fukuoka for August, 2017 brought to you by MagicalTrip staff. We highlight the best events for anyone visiting Fukuoka in August, 2017 and wondering what to do. Plan a trip around the various traditional events held in Fukuoka in August, 2017. There are alsolots of

Best 6 Traditional Festivals "Matsuri" Guide in Fukuoka, July 2017 (w/Photos)

Traditional festivals held in Fukuoka for July, 2017 brought to you by MagicalTrip staff. Guaranteed to experience the local atmosphere and lifestyle to its fullest! Might end up being the highlight of your Fukuoka sightseeing trip.Wondering what to do? Besides festivals, we also cover various other must-see events in