Buy souvenir at Yanaka Kenshindo in Yanaka-ginza

和風(wafu) (Japanese style) is getting popular around the world. Although in Tokyo you don’t feel ‘wafu’ due to the many modern constructions and western atmosphere. This Yanaka-ginza, however will let you enjoy Japanese old town atmosphere. With a lot of suitable places to buy souvenirs.

We focus on やなか健真堂(Yanaka kenshindo)and its’ recommended products.

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やなか健真堂(Yanaka Kenshindo)

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Yanaka Kenshindo is located in Yanaka-ginza. This shop has a Japanese café and original handcrafted goods. A nice place to take a stop and have a tea.
You can buy many souvenirs of Japan. In this shop they have fashionable goods and you can feel a nostalgic taste of Japan. If you go to Yanaka-ginza shopping street, you should visit it!

You also feel Wafu from drink and or having snacks of “Yanaka kenshindo”. Especially we will recommend Mizu Manjyu/Water buns. Very soft texture…you only can eat in Japan. You can experience 9 different kind of tastes. (9 tastes will be change depends on the day.) Especially こしあん (koshian) is popular. Through the window of the café, you have a view on the down town scenery of Yanaka-ginza shopping street. Perfect place for a relaxed moment.

Wafu original goods with white bear & cat

Source : やなか健真堂

On the Kenshindo original post cards , you’ll see ‘wafu’ white bear & cat.

When you’re back home and see the cards, it reminds you of downtown , Yanaka-ginza.

You can buy them only here, it’s recommended to buy as a nice remembrance.

**やなか健真堂(**Yanaka kenshindo)Detail

・Typical Products

Café、Japanese goods

・Opening hour

11:00 – 19:00※18:30 Last Order

・Closed on

Thursday (except for National Holiday)



Yanaka 3-11-15 (2F) Taito-ku, 110-0001 Tokyo



・How to reach(JR・Subway)

JR Line 4-minute walk from Nippori Station West Exit

Chiyoda Line 5-minute walk from Exit 2 of

From “Sendagi Station” 397m

・Travel Time from Haneda / Narita Airport, Tokyo Station

From Haneda Airport  48minuts

From Narita Airport,   45minuts

From Tokyo Station    18minuts

・Official site URL


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