Yanaka Ginza is proud of its quaint street and one of the great places for souvenirs. They are full of tourists and locals strolling around. A variety of goods, ranging from cutesy to traditional will surely make your day. Besides that, nicely grilled- squids and squid crackers are a must –try street foods in Yanaka Ginza.

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“ Jaaku na Hanko shop: Shinimonogurui”

An important part of Japanese culture is Hanko. Hanko is a personal seal, which can be a substitute for a signature the west use. Hanko has been deeply rooted in the nation’s life. Here, Shinimonogurui sells its original cute-looking Hanko, which come in a variety of types, shapes and patterns. Without any doubt, you will find the one you really want. If you are planning to live in Japan, why not get one with your name spelled out with the alphabet?

Source :flickr

The shop is nice and cozy with the size of 5 square meters. The wall shows off colorful catalogues and cute samples of Hanko that generates an exciting vibe.  The only con is that the shop is too small to accommodate all customers at a time. You may as well choose the Hanko you want beforehand by viewing its homepage. Even if you couldn’t get it on site, you still have chance to buy it via online shopping.

Simple and cute! You can make your own Hanko!

Source : 邪悪なハンコ屋 しにものぐるい

While there are many designs and illustrations, what stands out is a rabbit-illustrated Hanko. It must be the Hanko of the shop! If you fancy your original Hanko, it comes true quick and easy. Just choose your favorite colour for ink, select font size, simple as that. How about having a fun moment here in Shinimonogurui?

“ Jaaku na hanko shop: Shinimonogurui” –Outline-



・Opening hours



Irregular (Tuesday is closed frequently )

**Access **


3-11-15 Yanaka Taito-ku, Tokyo



・Access (Subway/ Bus)

5 minutes on foot from Nippori Station served by JR Yamanote Line. 10 minutes on foot from Sendagi station served by Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line.

・Travel Time from Haneda Airport / Tokyo Station

48 minutes from Haneda Airport.

45 minutes from Narita Airport.

18 minutes from Tokyo Station

・Official site URL



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