“Kimono” is one of the traditional Japanese national costumes. It is one of the Japanese cultures to be proud of to the world. Currently, it is worn at coming-of-age ceremony and wedding party as an official wear.  In addition, there are people who wear it as daily fashionable wear. There is a place where you can casually wear Kimono and go out to eat delicious foods. It is “old houses cafe”. Traditional tea shop and modern cafe are mixed. We would like to introduce it. Old houses cafes are remodeling old Japanese houses. It is fashionable and popular to young people. It is worth while visiting during sightseeing with kimono.

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What to go with kimono! Recommended old houses cafes

<Tokyo/ Jiyugaoka****>Kosouan

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Kosouan is cafe and gallery in Jiyugaoka, which is famous for fashionable town in Tokyo. It rebuilt over 90 years old house and opened in 1954. It is a pioneer of old houses cafe. Inside the genuine Japanese comfortable shop, there are Japanese traditional folk art and antique. You can have matcha and special Japanese sweets. It is suitable old houses cafe to visit with kimono as long as you love Japan.

About Kosouan

Address:1-24-23, Jiyugaoka, Meguroku, Tokyo


Close:Every Wednesday

Access information:Tokyu Toyoko line “Jiyugaoka station” 5 minutes walk


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Moan is old houses cafe in old city Kyoto, located in the small mountain. After walking the hill about 10 minutes to cafe, there is 2 floors old building among trees. Inside the comfortable cafe, there is a counter To look outside from the window. There are beautiful landscape of mountain and town of Kyoto.  With eating seasonal materials lunch and sweets, staying far from crowded sightseeing place, you can have a slow time.

About Moan

Address:8 Yoshida Kagura Okamachi, Sakyoku,  Kyotoshi, Kyoto


Close:Every Monday, year end and beginning, summer time

Access information:

JR each line. From “Kyoto station”, take a bus. From “Jyodoji bus stop” or “Ginkakujido bus stop” 15 minutes walk

<Kanazawa****> Sabo Soshin

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Kanazawashi in Ishikawa prefecture is one of the great sightseeing spot of Japan. Old town is beautiful at Higashi Chaya Street and there is a traditional building cafe “Sabo Soshin”, which is suitable for going with kimono. The interior is comfortable and you can relax there. There are many tea shops from the past and the Japanese sweets are beautiful and have light sweet taste, with looking the old city town of Kanazawa.

About Sabo Soshin

Address:1-24-1 Higashi yama, Kanazawashi, Ishikawa


Close:Every Wednesday

Access information:

Take a bus from Hokutetu “Kanazawa station”, get off at “Hashibacho bus stop”. 10 minutes walk


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Go through the green arch and walk through the approach. Then, there is a old houses cafe “Patparairai”. The interior is simple but matches with modern Japan in a good balance and has a very comfortable cafe atmosphere. You can view the seasons of garden and enjoy homemade bread and seasonal vegetables at lunch. When visiting this cafe, modern art kimono will be suitable for the atmosphere of this shop.

About Patparairai

Address: Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka shi


Close:Every Tuesday and Friday

Access information:Subway airport line “Akasaka Station”. 10 minutes walk

What is kimono?

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