Kimono, one of traditional Japanese cultures, appeared in Japanese history long time ago. Nowadays Japanese people wear Kimono at formal occasion or festival. Also many people put them on as daily fashionable clothes. Recently more and more tourists enjoy going to touristic places with Kimono on. Some go to popular touristic place to try out the food at various restaurants with casual kimono on, others go to Traditional Japanese food restaurant with formal kimono on. This article will show you some spots that are recommended to try with kimono on.

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Recommended Spots to Go with Kimono on


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Many foreign tourists visit Asakusa that has many touristic spots such as historical Senso-ji temple and Nakamise-dori where you can buy souvenirs at various shops. Although many people come to Asakusa for sightseeing, you can also enjoy simple but sweet Japanese sweets such as popular powdered green tea sweets, fish-shaped pancake stuffed with bean jam, melon bread, dumpling and two small pancakes with bean jam in between.

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Nishiki-ichiba is a shopping district located in Kyoto. This district has over 400 years history and recently many foreign tourists come visit here. Nishiki-ichiba is also called “Kyouno-Daidokoro”, which literally means “Kitchen of Kyoto” in Japanese. Many ingredients such as vegetables of Kyoto and seafood of Japan Sea are collected in the district that is crowded with not only foreign tourists from various countries but also local people come here. You can get almost everything from Japanese tea, sweets to pickled vegetables and so on. Some stalls sell food on a skewer to make it easy to eat outside.

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Higashi Chaya-gai

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Kanazawa is a popular touristic town in Ishikawa prefecture that faces Japan Sea and still has an atmosphere that good old Japan used to have. There is a district called “Higashi chya-gai” where Japanese important cultural property buildings are still preserved. You would feel as id you were in a movie walking in the historical town where remains Kanazawa’s tradition that dates back to 1580 when the town prospered as a castle city. Even now there are many restaurants in old buildings where you can enjoy Japanese sweets and cuisines. However because eating on the street is prohibited, enjoy good food only inside the restaurants.

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Nakasu area in Fukuoka Hakata is the biggest district in Kyushu region. There appear many food wagons at night and lots of tourists and local people go eat delicious food. You can enjoy flesh seafood and Hakata-ramen, the specialty of the town there. Because so many food wagons are lined up along the street, you would take time to decide which wood wagon to go. You can of course take out the food. And at temjin area where you can go on foot from Nakasu, there are many historical shrines, cultural properties and sophisticated cafes. How about experiencing those two different but interesting area at once in Hakata?

What is Kimono?

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