“Kimono” is one of the Japanese traditional culture and national costume from ancient times.  Currently, it is worn at formal scenes and festival. In addition, many people wear it as daily fashionable wear. Recently, more people are wearing kimono and enjoying going cafe, eating and eating out side. Let’s take a look what kind of foods and restaurants are popular.

Want to wear Kimono and go out! Cafe and chaya (tea shop) to feel Japan

Old houses cafes

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Old houses cafes are the cafes which keep Japanese traditional old buildings and atmosphere, together with remodeling.

With feeling the decade’s history of building at the point of nostalgic interior and worm wooden smell, you can enjoy delicious cafe’s Japanese sweets. New but comfortable old houses cafes are worthwhile visiting with its suitable Kimono.


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Chaya (Tea shop)

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Japanese-sweets and Japanese -cafe can be enjoyed at “Chaya”, which cafe exists from ancient times.  T

You can enjoy Japanese -sweets and Japanese lunch.

It is suitable to visit with kimono. There are many historical shops which have history about 100 and 200 years. There are also many foreigner fans of traditional and historical chaya.  There are many particular menus of Chaya and you can enjoy traditional matcha and small beautiful Japanese sweets with your eyes and taste. Please enjoy Japanese culture slowly at historical chaya.


Washoku (Japanese foods)

At the day when you enjoyed Japanese sweets at old houses cafe, it is recommended to have healthy and beautiful Japanese foods. There are many kinds of Japanese foods. Foods to feel four seasons of Japan, foods using seasonal vegetables and sea foods. Pickles and side dishes, the local homemade foods and seasonal detailed taste ones. There are also historical fine dining rooms. How about wearing formal kimono and enjoy traditional Japanese meal brought in course?


Walk to eat

Wear casual Kimono and enjoy walk to eat of local foods is one of the best parts of travel. At the big historical food stall street which is also open for sightseeing, there are many places where you can eat popular Japanese sweets and gourmet. You can enjoy walk to eat with enjoying Japanese town, buying souvenirs. There are many delicious foods what you can not enjoy if you just go cafe and restaurant.


What is kimono?

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