Library was use as one of the locations in the film ‘Your Name”.

When Taki visits Itomamoru to learn about the history of the town, He went to a library which was similar to an actual library, Higa city library. You can even enjoy the outside of the building. If you want to go around the film locations, this library is a must-see.

”Your Name” location – Higa city library

”Your Name” ‘s  Higa city library

”Your Name” ‘s Higa city library

When Taki was looking for Mitsuha’s town Itomamoru, he found out that the town was destroyed by TiaMat Comet 3 years ago at a ramen noodle shop. Then he went to the library where he read a newspaper article about it, he also found out that Mitsuha was passed away. This scene was took place in this library.

high-lights of Higa city library

high-lights of Higa city library

This library is located about five minutes walk from JR Hidafurukawa station. You can spot the yellow wall of the library easily. The wooden interior of the library which provide you a graceful space to enjoy the world of books.  They also use lots natural light. The design of the building was nominated for an award in 2011. Once in every month, there is a night opening for adults.  The library hosts live music and reading events, which is a rare occasion for a public library. However, this is still a council run place, so you can’t take books out if you are not a resident. Tourists are welcome here as long as you tell the reception that you would want to take a look inside.