Osaka, Bar Hopping

Introducing Osaka Bar Hopping

Yokoso Osaka! (Welcome to Osaka)

When we started the Shinjuku Bar Hopping Tour back in December 2017 we couldn't have predicted its success. So many fun nights, so many diverse and interesting customers, it has been quite a ride, and we learned a lot. We are now ready and confident to expand our vision to other cities of Japan.

Introducing Osaka Bar Hopping

We are proud to announce we're launching the same experience in Osaka. Osaka is known for its lively nightlife and local food. And people from Osaka are known in the rest of Japan for being outgoing and fun to be around. This makes it perfect place for having a bar hopping tour.

Osaka is the "Kitchen of Japan"

Osaka has the nickname "Tenka no Daidokoro" meaning "Nation's Kitchen".
Some Japanese foods you already know are originally from Osaka.
If you tried okonomiyaki in Tokyo before, come try the original version, you might be surprised.
If you never tried takoyaki or kushikatsu, now it's your chance to get the real one.

The Namba district

We chose the Namba district for it's electrifying atmosphere. The famous Glico Man and the giant Kani Doraku Crab can be found here. You can spot almost any kind of bar around here: regular izakaya, restaurants, videogame bars, darts bars...

Come meet our Osaka guides, and prepare yourself to be entertained.
Expect the same fun, now in Osaka Bar Hopping, with the quality of MagicalTrip.

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Hi thanks for reading my profile! My name is Kaho, a Japanese who was living in China for long time. I like meeting new people, playing the piano, learning languages and exploring yum restaurants.

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