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Discover the Food Kitchen of Osaka: Ura-Namba (w/Photos)

Ura-Namba literally meaning the backside of Osaka's Namba district, is a trendy local area where people gather to feast on delicious food. Ura-Namba is full of unique izakayas including those in Misono Building, which has an atomosphere of an underground culture with a historic Japanese feeling. Osaka is

Top 5 foods you should try: Osaka Food Guide (w/Photos)

The number one question we always get is: "What foods do you recommend us to eat?". We thought we should make a list of the most popular foods in Osaka, with a couple of restaurant recommendations to help you out. Here they are, in no particular order: 1.

Introducing Osaka Bar Hopping (w/Photos)

Yokoso Osaka! (Welcome to Osaka) When we started the Shinjuku Bar Hopping Tour [] back in December 2017 we couldn't have predicted its success. So many fun nights, so many diverse and interesting customers, it has been quite a ride,

Top 10 Events that will get you excited in Osaka & Hyogo! 2017 September Edition (w/Photos)

Although Osaka and Hyogo are attractive tourist site on its own, various events to further the experience will be held throughout September. Transportation should be easy thanks to the trains so check out the events throughout the area. In addition, September is when the weather would start to cool down

Best 9 Traditional Festivals "Matsuri" Guide in Osaka & Kobe, July 2017 (w/Photos)

We are introducing top 9 traditional festivals in Osaka & Kobe, July 2017 to you, recommended by MagicalTripā€™s Local Staff in Osaka & Kobe! You will beĀ feeling local atmosphere and will experience traditional lifestyle in the best way through these festivals. You will be able to enjoy the