Ura-Namba literally meaning the backside of Osaka's Namba district, is a trendy local area where people gather to feast on delicious food. Ura-Namba is full of unique izakayas including those in Misono Building, which has an atomosphere of an underground culture with a historic Japanese feeling.

Osaka is the Food Kitchen of Japan

One of the main reasons why Osaka is called the Food Kitchen of Japan is because various types of food gets imported to Osaka. These food and ingredients are imported from all over the prefectures of Japan and other countries. Because of the abundance of different ingredients, various types of delicious food is made in Osaka including Okonomiyaki. It's a style of Japanese pancake made of a variety of ingredients. In Japanese okonomi means choice and yaki means fried so in a sense it is much like a pizza. You mixed your ingredients, usually juicy pork belly slices, cabbage, tempura flakes, add a egg to make it moist, stir it up and grill it on a teppan fitted tabled.

Eat Nikusushi

In Ura-Namba there is a shop called Nikusushi, literally meaning meat sushi. This shops serves various types of meat sushi such as Wagyu, sea urchin, pork, duck, and horse meat... served fresh and cooked to a blow tourched mouthwatering of perfection. Be sure to check out the shop on your nightlife adventure in Osaka!

Horumonyaki at Sakagami


Horumonyaki is a Japanese dish made from beef or pork. Like a Japanese version of Korean BBQ. If your looking to eat some BBQ then this lantern decorated place can be a memorable treat for you. Unlike Korean BBQ, the waiters at this shop will cook the food for you so that you can save the time and effort of cooking. Check it out or take some nice pictures of its outside decor.

Torame Yokocho

Torame Yokocho is a collection of 20 kinds of Izakaya bars and eateries filled daily full of locals grabbing a bite to eat at night. Have a seat and enjoy your meals and drinks in front of bars serving small Japanese plates such as Yakitori (chicken skewers) and grilled vegetables. You can also try sushi, takoyaki, Okonomiyaki ( Japanese savory pancake origins from Osaka) or many other kinds of delicious local food from many bars in this food alley. The unique and best thing is that the shops will deliver the meal right to you! Usually Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest time for this place so finding a seat could be difficult for big groups. Go Osaka Bar Hopping Tour and Magical Trip will reserve seats for you!

Osaka Bar Hopping Adventure!

Come check out Ura Namba on your trip to Osaka. Interested in experiencing Osaka's food nightlife to the fullest? Join us in our Osaka Bar Hopping Tour and get a taste of local food & nightlife at hidden pubs in Namba. We make the most out of your time in Osaka, skip the line and venture through Osaka's nightlife and enjoy eating many foods in the area with a local guide.

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