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Discover the Food Kitchen of Osaka: Ura-Namba (w/Photos)

Ura-Namba literally meaning the backside of Osaka's Namba district, is a trendy local area where people gather to feast on delicious food. Ura-Namba is full of unique izakayas including those in Misono Building, which has an atomosphere of an underground culture with a historic Japanese feeling. Osaka is

Introducing Osaka Bar Hopping (w/Photos)

Yokoso Osaka! (Welcome to Osaka) When we started the Shinjuku Bar Hopping Tour [] back in December 2017 we couldn't have predicted its success. So many fun nights, so many diverse and interesting customers, it has been quite a ride,

10 Best Must-See Events in Osaka & Hyogo: January 2018 (w/Photos)

There are many major sight-seeing spots in “Kansai”. In particular Osaka and Hyogo are popular because there are plenty of places for amusements and gastronomy. Around this area you find various historical edifices and streets still retaining good old ambience. In this issue we introduce events in Osaka and Hyogo,

Best 3 Karaoke spots, American Song Available! Introduction to English friendly Karaoke Spots (w/Photos)

Karaoke is one of the top entertainment industries in Japan. People of all ages and gender can enjoy singing along to your favorite songs. Recently many Japanese karaoke stores are becoming more foreigner friendly by having lyrics and music selection screens with foreign language options. Here are our recommendations for

English Songs Karaoke bar The Drunken Clam in Osaka, Japan (w/Photos)

Karaoke is Japanese born original entertainment. You sing a song with a backing track as if you are a pop star. You can do this in bars and pubs in Japan. You often can sing in Japanese as well as English. In this article, you can read about Karaoke bar

Foreign music welcome! Hong Kong Club Q International Party Bar: the bar that let you enjoy karaoke in Osaka (w/Photos)

Karaoke is singing a song along with recorded music and there are many bars and izakayas in which you can enjoy karaoke. They are popular for all generations and foreign music is available as well. In this article, we would like to introduce a karaoke bar in Osaka, “Hong Kong

“Izakaya” &Bars with “Karaoke”!: Western Songs, too (w/Photos)

“Karaoke” is an entertainment became popular in Japan in 1970’s. You can sing songs with background music. It is very popular because you can sing your favorite songs as if you were on the stage. Nowadays you find increasingly more “Karaoke” shops where even English songs are available for