With the success of our Shinjuku Bar Hopping tour, Magical Trip has started a new bar hopping night tour in Shibuya! We've done our research and have chosen the best places to go bar hopping at night in the Shibuya area. Leave it to us to make your Shibuya night a memorable experience.

Famous District in Tokyo

You may have seen it in movies, shows, or youtube. Shibuya is the famous for its iconic crossing street where hundreds of people gather and go about their daily lives. From atop it is like watching ants bunched up into one little area. You'd think it be chaotic however it is actually pretty fun and organized. After meeting up with your guide, you can feel free to take pictures together at this crossing area. It will be a unforgettable memory token that you can take back home.


More Food! More Drinks!

Shibuya is home to many bars and places to eat. At night for travelers, we know that it may be hard to find a place to drink and eat especially if you don't know the language. Most shops in Shibuya at night offer English menu's, but how do you find the ones that will boost your experience in Shibuya to the fullest? On this Shibuya Bar Hopping tour, we will take you to several izakaya bars that are either unique, located in a hidden hard to find place, and offers great food.


Revealing the Shibuya Nightlife Scene

Shibuya at night offers many interesting things to do such as clubbing, bar hopping, and relaxing. Because so many companies are located in the area, there are a lot of clubs and bars. If you decide to do some partying after bar hopping tour, be sure to checkout the nightlife scene at clubs in the area or go relax at the many Shisha(Hookah) bars in the district.


Night Tour Details

Interested in booking a tour with us? For more details about Shibuya Bar Hopping night tour visit the link below and plan your next trip to Tokyo!