## Jindai-ji Natural Hot Springs Yumori no Sato

Jindai-ji is located at Choufu station, which is a 20-minute ride on the Keio line from Shinjuku. The temple is famous for their abundant nature as well as their signature Jindai-ji soba, and the hot spring near this temple is Yumori no Sato.

Yumori no Sato is committed to the quality of their hot springs. Their hot springs contain chloride and sodium. The salinity concentration is the same as the human body, so there will be no burden on the body. Therefore, it is gentle on your body and skin. The color of the water is pitch black. This is because the constituents of the plants such as kelp and fern underground have dissolved into the water. Thanks to these components, the hot springs does not deteriorate. The water does not deteriorate, so you can enjoy a hot spring full of minerals.

Another special traits of Yumori hot springs is that this place has feng shui. Feng shui is an idea originating from ancient China. It is an idea that directions and color boosts one’s luck. Yumori hot springs is designed ina way that illustrates this feng shui thought. For example, the entrance is designed in order to bring in luck from the nearby temple, “Jindai-ji”. Also, the walls of the bathroom are painted red. This is because in feng shui, the color red brings vitality and motivation. Yumori no Sato is a recommended spot for anyone seeking to enjoy the ideas and feng shui of ancient China.

Detail of Jindai-ji Natural Hot Springs Yumori no Sato

Address〒182-0017 2−12−2, Jindaiji-motomachi, Chofu-city, Tokyo, Japan
Business hours 10AM-10AM
NorticePeople with tattoos, body paintings, body stickers, as well as children who are not toilet-trained are not allowed to enter.


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