## Kanda Aqua House Edoyu

At Kanda Aqua House Edoyu, you can enjoy a nice bath at a reasonable price even if it is late at night. The place is open until the following morning, so it is recommended for travelers who have been hanging out in Akihabara late at night. The usage fee is also very reasonable. There is a rental fee for the loungewear and towels. Needless to say, it is perfect for people who do not need those items.

In Kanda Aqua House Edoyu, they have a unique way of raising the efficiency of the bath. They have used rocks dug from the hot springs for their bathtub. Due to this method, the components of the hot springs dissolve into the hot water, enabling the same effects as a hot spring. Also, at Kanda Aqua House Edoyu, they offer different baths twice a month. For example, they have the beer bath, in which they add beer to the water, as well as the tropical bath, in which you can experience the feeling of the southern countries. They offer these seasonal events to give you the opportunity to experience the four seasons of Japan. The facility also has a lounge and a restaurant. It is a good idea to cool off your heated body at the lounge. You can also enjoy a cold beer or juice at the restaurant.

Detail of Kanda Aqua House Edoyu

Address〒101-0063 2-9-9, Kanda-Awaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hours 11AM-8AM
NorticePeople with tattoos, body paint, or body stickers are not allowed to enter.


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