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Must-eat Sweets in “Harajuku”: Crapes (w/Photos)

“Harajuku” is a town where many youths in their teens and twenties and keen on fashion gather. There are many shops with good tastes to satisfy those young Japanese girls seeking “Kawaii” (cute) items. Many are not expensive. In “Harajuku” crapes are also very popular. In this issue we introduce popular crape shops in “Harajuku”.

In order to know recommended crape shops in “Harajuku”, please see “Must-eat Sweets in Harajuku”.

Santa Monica Crapes

source: japanshopping

”Santa Monica Crapes” situated in “Takeshita Dori” Street, in the center of “Harajuku”, specializes in crapes and tapioca milk. It is a must-eat sweets in “Harajuku”. The pink logo of crapes is very cute and the interior of the shop is decorated in pink. They make crapes by hand. The crapes are baked with wheat and good quality butter and spreading an inviting aroma. Its combination with fruits is impeccable. There are many varieties of crapes with whipped cream, custard cream, ice cream, cakes, etc. They look gorgeous too.


・Address: 1-16-168 Jungu Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

・Open every day

・Official site URL http://santamonica.jp/


Angel’s Heart

source: cafe-crepe

”Angel’s Heart” was opened in 1977 and is one of the oldest on “Takeshita Dori” Street. This was a shop that made crapes popular in “Harajuku”. The crapes are wrapped by pink paper and made with fresh eggs and good quality whipped cream. Thin and crispy texture is excellent. Banana and strawberry make a good combination with the cream. The crapes for not only sweets but for meals are also available. It is a cute looking shop in pink color.


・Address: 1-20-6 Jungu Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

・Open every day

・Official site URL http://www.cafe-crepe.co.jp/


Marion Crapes

source: flickr

Marion Group has shops nationwide in Japan and is selling crapes as well as soft ice cream popular as sweets. The shop is beautifully decorated in tricolor. They are particular about hot-hot crapes and wrapped toppings. “Hot Crape” is delicious with hot chocolate melting on top of the hot crape. Seasonal ingredients like pumpkins and fresh fruits go well with crapes. Believe or not there are 60 kinds of crapes available always!


・Address: 1-6-15 Jungu Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

・Open every day

・Official site URL http://www.marion.co.jp/



source: smorgasbord

MOMI&TOY’S provides not only crapes but also light meals such as “Rokomoko-don” (a rice bawl with hamburger on top) and sandwiches. The main shop is in “Harajuku” but there are branch shops nationwide. They make the dough with almond which makes crapes crispy. The popular one is called “Fuwa Toro Crapes” (meaning soft and melting crapes) with marshmallow and pudding in it. Tapioca tea is also popular. They sell in a cute station wagon.


・Address: in front of “YM Square Harajuku”, 4-31-1 Jingu Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

・Open every day

・Official site URL  http://www.momiandtoy.com/



source: comcrepe

The crapes shop, ”COMCREPE” originated in Toyama Prefecture. They came to “Harajuku” where crapes completion was tough. Amazingly they transformed sweets to crapes, for example layer-cakes to crapes. The concept is “Eat a layer-cake while walking”. Also a trendy “Burnt Crape” originated in Toyama. It is a crape resembling “Créme brulée”. The burnt vanilla is very aromatic and the dough of crape has a glutinous texture.


・Address: 1-8-25 Jingu Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

・Open: Mon. Tues. Thu. Fri. Sat, Sun, closed on Wednesdays

・Official site URL  http://comcrepe.com/


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