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Shunmi Taihei is an Echizen crab cuisine restaurant in Fukui. It’s in Hamacho where it used to be a prosperous area known for high-class restaurants. They often cook the crabs after showing the living crabs to customers. We can eat various foods not only just Echizen Crab but also fresh fishes and vegetables. They put deep effort into making good taste and use multiple kinds of soy sauces and salts according to the dish in order to make the best taste from the best ingredients. Here, we introduce Shunmi-taihei where we can enjoy Echizen Crab cuisine fully.

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Shunmi-taihei, a Japanese resutaurant serving fresh Echizen crab in the best way

Shunmi Taihei is a Japanese restaurant in Fukui city. Their most characteristic feature is using fresh Echizen Crab to make various cuisines which have good taste. They often cook the Echizen Crabs after showing the live crabs to customers. It is the best restaurant for people who want to enjoy the Echizen crab dishes.

It’s in Hamacho where it used to be a prosperous area known for their high-class restaurant area, so the surface of the restaurant looks historic and elegant. They provide not only Echizen Crab cuisines, but also the dishes for which they use fresh fishes and vegetables to make the best taste from those ingredients.

They put a lot of effort in making good taste as well as getting good ingredients. In order to make the best taste from the ingredients, they use multiple kinds of soy sauces and salts to fit each dish. Also, they provide a la carte which fits Echizen Crab cuisines.

We can enjoy high-quality Echizen Crab cuisine and the various aspects such as ingredients, seasoning and how to cook and eat it. You should go to Shunmi-taihei if you eat authentic Echizen Crab in Fukui.

Echizen crab (Echizen kani), lean and fresh crab in Fukui

Here we introduce Echizen Crab and Echizen Crab cuisine of Shunmi-taihei. Echizen Crab (Echizen Kani or Echizen Gani) is a male snow crab caught in the sea near Fukui. The female crabs are called Seikogani.

People says that Echizen crabs are more lean, tasty, and sweet than the other crabs from other areas. Submarine of Echizen Coast is staircase, which is comfortable growing environment for crabs and fishes. Also the winter cold and the sea in Fukui is good for growing crab. Such a comfortable growth environment leads good taste of crabs.

The best time for fishing Echizen Crab is winter, and it’s from November to March because of prevention from over-fishing and protecting environment. We recommend that you eat lean and fresh Echizen Crab in the winter.

How to eat Echizen crab at Shunmi-taihei

![Echizen crab at Shunmi-taihei](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812308/04-Shunmi-taihei_kgvha9.jpg)
Shunmi-taihei provides various dishes of Echizen Crab. Boiled crab and sashimi crab is first recommended because we can enjoy the taste and texture of ingredient. Also, Shunmi-taihei would make Templa, Ankake, Zousui and so on according to the customer’s request.

It’s recommended that you eat simple flavored dish like grilled fishes and vegetables. You can taste crabs better. Not only crab dishes, but also a la carte which are high-quality dishes that Shunmi-taihei serves in between crab dishes. Those dishes bring out the best in crab dishes, so you can enjoy the crab cuisine without getting tired.

Also Japanese sake is in full abundance. Shunmi-taihei serves more than 30 kinds of sake, so we can enjoy various tastes matching to each cuisine. You should enjoy sake which really fits Echizen Crab cuisine.

In addition, rice also fits with crab dishes. Simmered plump rice with crab is very delicious. Eating other crab cuisines with rice is also good.

We can know various ways to enjoy Echizen Crab at Shunmi-taihei. You should try various ways to eat Echizen Crab.

Other foods at Shunmi-taihei

In Shunmi Taihei, also other dishes as well as Echizen crab dishes are substantial. Sea foods such as fish sashimi and grilled fishes are high-quality and uses fresh ingredients.

They use fresh vegetables which also brings out the best in crab cuisines as well as other sea foods. For example, Renkon Manju, fried and hardened by rubbing the lotus root with thick starchy sauce made of flour, is a simple, beautiful and delicious Japanese dish. After eating it, we eat crab cuisines and taste crabs better, which brings us supreme bliss.

Not only crab dishes, you should also enjoy other cuisines at Shunmi-taihei.

Prices of Shunmi Taihei

Most of dishes of Shunmi-taihei is more than 500 yen and less than 2,000 yen.
As for drinks, beer, shochu and wine are 500 – 800 yen.
Japanese sake ranges from 600 to 3,000 yen depending on type of sake.
In general, it comes to about 5,000 yen to 6,000 yen combined food and drinks for dinner.

Opening hours of Shunmi Taihei

Hours of Shunmi Taihei is 18:00 to 23:00.
They are also open for lunch, and the opening hours is 11:30 – 14:00.
It’s closed on Sundays. Holidays are for dinner only.

Location and access of Shunmi Taihei

Shunmi Taihei is located in Fukui city, from JR Fukui Station it’s about 800m, and about 300m from City Hall Station.
From JR Fukui Station, walk a central avenue out of the west entrance about 500m to the intersection of the Daimyo-cho. Turn left the large intersection and walk through Phoenix Street about 200m, we arrive at the Saiwai Bridge across the Asuwa River. Do not cross the bridge and turn right to walk the road along the river, you will come soon to see the tasteful building and entrance curtain of Shunmi-taihei.

Reviews of Shunmi Taihei

What kind of impressions did the visitors of Shunmi-taiheei have. Following are some reviews that might be helpful if you are planning to visit Shunmi-taihei in the future.

martinheng87 visited as a couple

The staff is helpful and patient even when I do not understand Japanese and can not order the food well.thanks god at the end I manage to order the food i want and enjoy the some treat from the other customer In the shop.tempura is their selling point and it is nice if you are want to drink some soju there

Chapati 2016 visited with family

To rely on reputation to say that it is the most popular there as a Japanese restaurant in Fukui city, visited in September 2015.
Japanese course is 5000 yen to 8000 yen.
It’s like a secluded small shops in the old restaurant district, and we can enjoy kaiseki-inspired cuisine of fresh seafood.
Since we arrived around 5 pm, we walk along the river until the start of 6 pm.

takayatoru visited alone

The amount of meals is not much, also it’s slightly higher price.
But, it’s a bustling Izakaya with not pretentious atmosphere, and we can taste delicious dishes and also local sake.
It’s difficult to choose in a lot of menus, but there are a set of leaving a decision to the chef.

masakoandnika visited with friends

Supposed to go to Fukui, immediately look for a dinner place.I visited in the hope, but it was better than expected in all. Quaint shops, good clerk, and above all delicious dishes.All tastes necessary, and they bring out ingredients. I will absolutely go there again.

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Reservations Allowed

Credit card

Available (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX , Diners)


Beer, shochu, wine, sake, soft drinks

Good for whom

One person, a couple, friends, family