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Different Ways Japan's Trying to Solve its Declining Marriage Rate (w/Photos)

At this point it is practically infamous that Japan has a declining birth rate issue, but a new tally by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan revealed that the number of marriages is also on the decline for its fifth straight year in a row. It'

Unique Izakaya/Bar in Tokyo “Magic Bar 12ji” (w/Photos)

One of the biggest cities in the world is Tokyo. Travelers from around the world with various nationalities visit Tokyo every day. There are many shops which welcome you day and night, and offer extraordinary experiences. Do you want to know about a quite unique Magic bar? We’ll tell

Best 5 Unique Izakaya/Bar-Let's have a special night! (w/Photos)

One of the biggest touristic cities in the world is Tokyo. There are many traditional shops and restaurants. Besides there are many bars and izakaya (Japanese style bar) where you can enjoy entertainment. After visiting famous touristic spots and enjoying traditional culture, you should visit shops and have special experiences

Unique Izakaya (Japanese bar) in Ginza, Tokyo

If you are a Japan-and-Sake lover, you probably won’t be unfamiliar with Izakaya. It is a usual sight in Japan where salarymen and students gathering together in Izakaya, smacking their lips over nice meals and alcohol, and making merry. This time in Ginza, we found an Izakaya providing a

Learn about All Different Types of Sushi Rolls (w/Photos)

If you were travelling to Japan, or even eating at your local Japanese Restaurant, you must have wondered, “What types of sushi should I eat?” To answer that, we think sushi will be much more enjoyable if you understand all types of sushi there are and it’s differences. Especially