Tokyo nightlife

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Discover things to do in Tokyo after dark. Hear what others have to say in one of the biggest cities in the world. A night in Tokyo can be one of the best experiences a traveler can have.

Tokyo Night Views - The Romantic Guide

Enjoying the night in Tokyo? Looking for the perfect spot to take that special someone to? We break down the best night views in Tokyo that can help fulfill your romantic desires. Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba Odaiba is also a famous sightseeing spot and is often visited by a lot

Best 5 Tokyo Food Tours by Night

There are many Tokyo food tours for travelers during the day but what about food tours at night? As a traveler you may have researched online, different places to eat at night. That may include michelin star restaurants, sushi bars, or BBQ restaurants. The cost of how much you pay

What is MagicalTrip's Bar Hopping Tour?

We created this article to help you understand what our bar hopping tour is and navigate through all the bar hopping food tours [] we provide, and help you choose the best tour that suits your needs. Let's take a look at

Nurukan | Sake Bars in Asakusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo; you can feel the history simply by strolling through the area. In addition to landmarks like Sensoji and Nakamise, you’ll encounter a humble and energetic neighborhood, full of retro ambiance, which you can experience by walking the streets

Asakusa Ichimon Honten | Sake Bars in Asakusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa, which is popular with both domestic and international visitors, is one of the premier sightseeing destinations in Tokyo. Asakusa retains a classic townscape and has various attractions including Sensoji, Nakamise, and Hanayashiki. In this article, we’ll introduce Asakusa Ichimon Honten, a restaurant in Asakusa serving traditional Japanese cuisine,

Kamiya Bar | Sake Bars in Asakusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is an area that retains the retro vibe of Tokyo. There are various attractions in Asakusa, including Sensoji, Nakamise, and Hanayashiki (a theme park), in addition to dozens of classic restaurants with an illustrious history, which is to say there is something for everyone in Asakusa. In this article,

Yomosaketen | Nihonshu (Sake / Japanese rice wine) bar in Asakusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is one of the most popular sightseeing spot for tourists because you can find the true history of Japan. You can enjoy visit Sensō-ji temple, Nakamise Street, amusement park “Hanayashiki” and enjoy traditional cuisine. This time we’ll show you a shop “Yomosaketen” where you can enjoy Nihonshu (Sake