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Discover the Nightlife in Japan

What to Do at Night in Yanaka Ginza

Yanaka Ginza offers a nostalgic escape from Tokyo's urban hustle with its preserved old homes, a shopping street with 60 shops, the famous Nezu Shrine, the sprawling Yanaka Cemetery, and the lingering Edo atmosphere. Spending a night at Yanaka is also recommended.

Tokyo Night Views - The Romantic Guide

Enjoying the night in Tokyo? Looking for the perfect spot to take that special someone to? We break down the best night views in Tokyo that can help fulfill your romantic desires. Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba Odaiba is also a famous sightseeing spot and is often visited by a lot

46 Things You Must Know about Izakaya & Yokocho Alleys in Tokyo

All you Need to Know to Elevate your Izakaya & Yokocho Alley Tokyo Nightlife Experience As a Tokyo local, I will firmly state that if you want to enjoy Tokyo’s night you cannot avoid Izakaya and Yokocho alleys. Izakaya is the best place to enjoy tasty Japanese dishes and

Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho aka Piss Alley

Omoide Yokocho literally meaning “Memory Lane” and more commonly known now as “Piss Alley”, has a very long history dating back to 1946. A year after World War 2 this area of Shinjuku started developing into a location for street vendors and the black market because of its easy accessibility