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Best 7 Festivals & Events in Osaka & Hyogo, June, 2018 (w/Photos)

You can enjoy delicious food and nightlife in Osaka. You can visit fashionable port town Kobe or popular onsen (hot spring) Kinosakionsen in Hyogo Let’s enjoy sightseeing and join and enjoying the events which are held in this region. This time we’ll show you events in Osaka/Hyogo

Top 5 Must-to-see Events in Osaka/Hyogo: May 2018 (w/Photos)

You will find delicious cuisines and amusements at night in Osaka as well as a fashionable port city Kobe and popular “Kinosaki Onsen” (a hot spring) in Hyogo Prefecture. Since both are situated close to Kyoto and Nara, you can visit various touristic spots and events as well. In this

Guide to Top 10 Must-See Events in Osaka / Hyogo, February 2018 (w/Photos)

Osaka and Hyogo are popular tourist destinations with plenty of historical sites as well as cutting-edge attractions. Furthermore, Osaka and Hyogo are easily accessible from areas like Kyoto and Nagoya. The populous Osaka and Hyogo areas also host numerous events. In this article, we’ll introduce sightseeing spots, festivals, and

10 Best Must-See Events in Osaka & Hyogo: January 2018 (w/Photos)

There are many major sight-seeing spots in “Kansai”. In particular Osaka and Hyogo are popular because there are plenty of places for amusements and gastronomy. Around this area you find various historical edifices and streets still retaining good old ambience. In this issue we introduce events in Osaka and Hyogo,

Top 10 Most Popular Events in Osaka and Hyogo: December 2017 (w/Photos)

There are many tourist spots in “Kobe” and “Osaka”. “Kobe” is a popular and fashionable tourist spot and Osaka is close to “Kyoto”, Japanese ancient capital. You can enjoy not only sight-seeing together with many gourmet places but also various events. In this issue we recommend enjoyable events in “Kansai”

Best10 Must-see Events guide in Osaka・Hyogo  November 2017 (w/Photos)

In this article, we will introduce the recommended events that are held in the Osaka&Hyogo in November, they fall into 5 categories: “traditional festivals”, “sports event”, “modern events”,  and “events with children”. Traditional festivals 1.<Osaka大阪>神峯山寺Kabusanji-temple Autumn festival –November 23, 2017 Kabusanji-temple is a 1300 years old

The 10 best exciting events in Osaka, Hyogo – in October, 2017 (w/Photos)

Osaka and Hyogo Pre. have a lot of popular spots of Kansai-area. Kansai-area has various events such as red leaves and festivals in autumn. There are not only traditional events, but also modern arts and events enjoyable with kids. We picked up the recommended events to be held in October,