Osaka and Hyogo Pre. have a lot of popular spots of Kansai-area. Kansai-area has various events such as red leaves and festivals in autumn. There are not only traditional events, but also modern arts and events enjoyable with kids. We picked up the recommended events to be held in October, so why do not you visit them when you visit Kansai? There are lots of recommended spots in Kansai in autumn!

Event to experience the traditional culture and know the history

Moon Viewing Party at KOKO-EN


Himeji Castle Nishi-Oyashiki-Ato Garden “KOKO-EN”, which is a new cultural place dedicated to preservation and utilization of the cultural heritage with approximately 33,000㎡ of Japanese garden, was built as the 100th anniversary of the municipal system.

“KOKO-EN” is about 33,000 ㎡ of full-fledged Japanese garden whose scenery integrates the view of the World Heritage Himeji Castle. It consists of nine gardens, such as Oyashiki-no-Niwa, Tea-ceremony room, Cha-no-Niwa, etc. The garden that embodies Edo’s emotions is used as a location for a historical drama.

In the garden, Moon Viewing Party is held at the time of the harvest moon. On that day, in addition to lighting up each garden at nightfall, performances of Japanese musical instruments and the moon view tea ceremony will be held. The moon viewed comfortably in the Japanese garden is exceptionally beautiful and fantastic.

Why do not you keep in mind the beautiful moon in autumn, forgetting the daily hustle and bustle?

A party to see the moon is held in Himeji Castle near there.

In addition to the shops where they sell the local foods, you can three glasses of sake by 500 yen and they sell the local sake, you can enjoy a variety of events such as Japanese drums in Himeji castle.

After having enjoyed the moon at KOKO-EN, it might be a good idea to take a walk around Himeji Castle on the moonlit night.


October 4th, 2017  18:00 – 21:00 *Admission by 20:30

*When rainy, it will be held on October 5th.

Access & Address

15 minutes on foot from Himeji Station on JR Kobe Line or Sanyo-dentetsu Line

Near Himejijyo Otemon-mae Bus Stop by Shinki Bus

Himeji Castle Nishi-Oyashiki-Ato Garden “KOKO-EN”

68 Honmachi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo Pre.

longitude: 34.837591 latitude: 134.692557

Entrance Fee & Reservation

Entrance Fee:

Adult (over 18 years old); 300 Yen

Child (Elementary, Junior or High school student); 150 Yen

Reservation: No need

Official Website


Summer Exhibition ”From Toyotomi to Tokugawa …”

Source:Internet Museum Office

Osaka Castle, which was built in Azuchi-Momoyama era, is a Japanese castle remodeled in Edo era, and currently located in Chuo-ku, Osaka city. Another name is “Kinjyo.” It is designated as a special historical site of the country.

At Osaka Castle, the summer exhibition on the theme of the period from Toyotomi to Tokugawa is “From Toyotomi to Tokugawa …”.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi put an end to the Sengoku period, bringing peace and security to the country. However, the reign of Toyotomi did not continue for a long time, and the Tokugawa shogunate had the right to rule.

The exhibition “From Toyotomi to Tokugawa …” is a valuable opportunity to see human drama occurred in a major turning point of the system with first-class historical materials.

What kind of drama was occurring during the period of “From Toyotomi to Tokugawa …”? While looking at these materials, let’s unravel the history of Japan.


July 21st – October 4th, 2017    9:00am – 5:00pm   *Admission by 4:30pm

Access & Address

20 minutes on foot from Osakajo Kouen-mae Station, Morinomiya Station on JR Osaka Loop Line


1-1, Osaka-jo, Chuo-ku, Osaka

longitude: 34.686494 latitude: 135.52618

Entrance Fee & Reservation

Entrance Fee:

Adult; 600 Yen

Those who are 65 years old or older, residing in Osaka City, below junior high school students (proof of necessity), and Person bringing the ID card showing a handicapped person are free

Reservation; No Needed

Official Website

Event to enjoy the nature

2017 Hyogo Machinami Garden Show in Akashi


Akashi-kouen is as urban park built around Akashi castle ruins, which is managed by Hyogo prefecture.

“Akashi Castle” is a castle built by Ogasawara Tadazane, who was the great-grandson of Tokugawa Ieyasu, ruled Akashi, Miki, Kako and Kato’s 100,000 koku.

In the garden of 54.8ha, it is equipped with baseball stadium, athletics field, athletic facilities such as archery field, cultural facilities such a prefectural library and a municipal library.

It is also chosen one of the “Sakura’s 100 favorite sights”, and it is also known as the cherry blossoming spot where about 1,000 Yoshino cherry trees are in full bloom in the season around the time.

“2017 Hyogo Machinami Garden Show in Akashi” will be held with the theme of “a heartfelt city planning with flowers and greenery”.

Demonstration gardens exhibited by companies, schools and organizations with excellent gardening techniques, gardening counseling, guided tour of exhibited works, including the garden competition exhibiting ordinary open work such as group planting, hanging basket, flowerbed photograph etc , experiential events with the theme of nature, seminars on flower and green community development, etc. are held, crowded with families.


September 23rd – October 1st , 2017   10:00am – 4:00pm  *The final day; 10:00am – 3:00pm

Access & Address

5 minutes on foot from Exit Kita at Akashi Station on JR Kobe Line, Sanyo-Akashi Station on Sanyo-Dentetsu Line


1-27, Akashi-koen, Akashi-city, Hyogo Pre.

longitude: 34.654489 latitude: 134.99389

Entrance Fee & Reservation


Reservation; No Needed

Official Website

公益財団法人 兵庫県園芸・公園協会 花と緑のまちづくりセンター

Decoration for Moon Viewing in Kinosaki-Onsen

Source:KINOSAKI Hotspring Official Site

Kinosaki-Onsen faces the Sea of Japan in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture, spreading along the tributary, Otani River of the Maruyama River.

Kinosaki-Onsen is the hot spring town having the history of 1,300 years, having developed mainly centering on around seven open air hot springs (communal bath) such as “Kono-yu” and “Mandara-yu.”

It is also a place that was loved by many writers and artists, and got to be known for its name in Japan as the stage of the novel “Kinosaki nite” by Shiga Naoya..

“Taiko Bridge” and the weeping willow over the Otani River will make you feel the hot spring emotion unique to Kinosaki.

The street of the town is relaxing like a hot spring town, and it is full of the atmosphere that makes you want to take a walk. Why do not you enjoy the moon at Kinosaki-Onsen?

When it is “Harvest moon”, the decoration for moon viewing is set on the seven open air hot springs of Kinosaki-Onsen and “Taiko Bridge” over the Otani River

While weeping willow is lighted by the light of the moon, let’s enjoy strolling in the hot spring town full of emotions, cooling off in the evening.


October 4th, 2017

Access & Address

Near JR Kinosaki-Onsen Station

Kita-Yanagi Street (Taiko Bridge), Kinosaki-Onsen

Yushima, Kinosaki-cho, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo Pre.

longitude: 35.624869 latitude: 134.81267

Entrance Free & Reservation


Paid facilities such as hot spring facilities and exhibition facilities

Official Website

KINOSAKI Hotspring Official Site

Food Event

Tamba chestnut eating walk fair 2017


Tamba chestnut (Tanba-kuri) is the kind of chestnuts grown mainly in Tamba and Shinoyama region of Japan. It is also called “Oguri.”

Speaking of chestnuts, it is “Tamba chestnut”, and Tamba chestnut that can be taken in the Tamba region of Kyoto is so famous. Tanba-kuri is not the name of the cultivar, but the name that refers to the large chestnuts that can be taken in this region.

The history of Tamba chestnut is very old, and there is a statement imaging Tamba chestnut on “Nihon Shoki (720 years)” of the oldest history transmitted in Japan, There is a statement of “Tamba” as a province that can present chestnuts to the Imperial Court on “Engishiki” enacted in 927 ”

The climate of Tamba is suitable for cultivating chestnuts. Thanks to repeated improvements, climates such as the dense fog unique to the Tamba district, and thanks to farmers’ efforts, Tamba chestnuts are said to be the best flavor of chestnuts in Japan.

Because of the great taste, Tamba chestnuts dedicated to the court and the shogunate spread its reputation, spreading throughout the country through the participation of Sankin-kotai.

“Tamba chestnut eating walk fair 2017” to appeal that big sweet Tamba chestnuts will be held at the shops and the chestnut gardens in Sasayama-city and Tanba-city. We can enjoy various wide variety of sweets, cuisine etc. of Tamba Chestnut in autumn of Tamba area. Why do not you go and see that taste?


September 15th – October 22nd , 2017

Tamba chestnut garden; September 15th – October 5th

Food and drink, and sales shops; September 25th – October 22nd

Access & Address

Near Sasayamaguchi Station on JR Takarazuka Line

Sasayama-city, Hyogo Pre.

longitude: 35.075661 latitude: 135.219051

Entrance Fee & Reservation


Reservation; No Needed

Official Website

Hyogo Prefectural Government

Modern Art Event

The World of Cut Paper living in nature

– Lives born at the studio in the mountain –  by Imamori Mitsuhiko

Source:kobe fashion museum

Imamori Mitsuhiko, who is familiar with nature as an “animal boy” from a young age, and still lives while taking care of rice field and forests in the mountain.

In this exhibition, over about 250 latest works such as the selected photographs and cut paper born at his studio in the mountain will be displayed, touching Mr. Imamori’s life & fashion close to the rich nature and the change of the four seasons By his works that increased its beauty and delicacy, kindness and strength, you may feel the original joy and peace of being familiar with nature.

Imamori Mitsuhiko was born in Otsu-shi, Shiga Prefecture in 1954. After graduating from university, he studied photography technology by himself and became freelance photographer from 1980.

Since then, he built the studio in the country that sees Lake Biwa, pursuing the relationship between nature and human beings on the viewpoint of “Satoyama”, while continuing to pursuit the ecology of living organisms from tropical rain forests to the desert and collect news widely through the frontier of the world,

Let’s feel the rich sensitivity raised in nature from his works.


July 13rd – October 9th, 2017  10:00 – 18:00  *Admission by 17:30

Every Monday; Closed  *Open on October 9th

Access & Address

Near “Island Center Station” on Rokko Liner from “JR Sumiyoshi Station” or “Uozaki Station” on Hanshin Electric Railway

3 minutes on foot to the south from “Sheraton Kobe Bay Hotel” bus stop by the bus bound for Rokko Island from “JR Sannomiya Station”

3 minutes on foot to the south from “Island Center” bus stop by the bus bound for Rokko Island from Hankyu Okamoto Station (the front of Mitsui Sumitomo Bank)

Kobe Fashion Museum

2-9-1, Koyocyonaka, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-city

longitude: 34.688345 latitude: 135.270644

Entrance Fee & Reservation

Adult; 500 Yen

Student and 65 years old and over; 250 Yen

*Both the special and permanent exhibition included

Reservation; No Needed

Official Website

kobe fashion museum

150th Anniversary PORT OF KOBE  “Port City Kobe Art Festival”

Source:Port City Kobe Art Festival executive committee

Based on the 150-year history that Kobe developed as an international city along with the port,

“Port City Kobe Art Festival” will be held for one month with the theme “Tick the time, to the large extent.”

Kobe Port is a port in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. It is designated as an international strategic port under the Port Law. It is one of the major international trade ports in Japan (the five major ports) and has received designation of super central port together with Osaka Port.

In the event to be held at Kobe Port, a popular pleasure boat “Kobe Sea Bus Fantasy” will be operated as a boat for seeing the art. You can enjoy three-dimensional works and installation arts that change the expression every moment by moment depending on time and climate, exhibited against the background of Kobe’s townscape and the mountains of Rokko.

Works by artists from Gwangju, Korea, Asia’s largest biennale, friendship city Tianjin City “Feitai art center” are also planned to be exhibited.

Also, in the terminal where a large passenger ship enters and Kobe Airport, the video works will be displayed. That is how the unique art festival like Kobe will be held.

Let’s check the event you can enjoy art as well as the history of Kobe.


September 16th – October 15th, 2017

【The schedule of Kobe Sea Bus “FANTASY” boat for seeing the art】10:00am – 4:00pm

6 cruises on weekday except for 12:00 cruise

The opening hours except it depends on each facility.

Access & Address

5 minutes on foot from “Minato-Motomachi Station” on the subway

10 minutes on foot from “Hanakuma Station” on Hankyu Line

10 minutes on foot from “Nishi-Motomachi Station” on Hanshin Line

13 minutes on foot from “JR Kobe Station”

15 minutes on foot from “Motomachi Station” on JR or Hanshin Line

Nakatotei Chuo Terminal (Kamomeria)

7-1, Hatobacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo Pre.

longitude: 34.682528 latitude: 135.185023

Entrance Fee & Reservation

Fare for Kobe Sea Bus “FANTASY” boat

Adult; 1,200 Yen

60 years old or older, Junior or High school student; 1,000 Yen

Elementary school student; 600 Yen

Infant accompanying a parent; Free

  • Capacity; 300 people  (Departure and Arrival at Kamomeria)

Official Website


30th “Tanba-no-Mori Wood Craft Exhibition” (The exhibition of the awarded Wooden Toys)

Source:Hyogo Perfectual Tamba Nenrin-no-Sato Park

Tamba is a city located in the middle east of Hyogo Prefecture. The northeastern part of Tamba adjoins Fukuchiyama-city, Kyoto.

In the surrounding area of Tamba, there are some sightseeing spots such as the greenery camp resort “Mori-no-Hitotoki”, the oldest Japanese “Meiji-no-Tunnel” as a tunnel of brick laying method, and “Takakura Jinja” rebuilt in 1705

Hyogo Prefectural Tamba Nenrin-no-Sato Park is in Tanba. “Tanba-no-Mori Wood Craft Exhibition” is held with the concept of “Gather! Play, Frisk, Warmth of wood.”

In 2017, as an exhibition commemorating 30 times, “General Department” exhibits works with the theme of the number “30”. Free works and entries from “Junior Department” are also introduced. The playful handmade works made of human-friendly wood, from works along the theme until free works, melt the hearts of the viewers. The shape of the figure 30 seems to be soft, and it is interesting to see what kind of work is there.

It is an exhibition that we can touch the warmth of wood and the pleasure of making things using wood. Let’s experience the warmth of wood.


September 17th – October 1st, October 22nd – November 5th

9:00am – 5:00pm(The final day; Until 3:00pm)

General Department; September 17th – October 1st

Junior Department; October 22nd – November 5th

*On Mondays closed

(If the national holiday is Monday, the next day will be closed.)

Access & Address

About 5 minutes by car from Kaibara Station on Fukuchiyama Line

Ki-no-Kan Hall

Hyogo Prefectural Tamba Nenrin-no-Sato Park

102-3, Kaibarachotaji, Tanba-shi, Hyogo Pre.

longitude: 35.143054 latitude: 135.052695

Entrance Fee & Reservation


Reservation; No needed

Official Website

Hyogo Prefectural Tamba Nenrin-no-Sato Park

Event with kids

Universal Jump Summer


“Universal Jump Summer” is an event that realizes the collaboration with “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine and that makes adults enjoyable.

The popular works, including the special version “One Piece” which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the holding, “Dragon Ball” which increased power, and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” “Gintama” newly participated.

Let’s experience the world of “Jump” with overwhelming quality, realized by the collaboration between “Universal Studios Japan” and “Weekly Shonen Jump.”

In the collaboration, you can enjoy the various contents that can experience the world of Jump’s works.

Real Live Show “One Piece Premiere Show 2017” that exceeded the cumulative number of one million people will be performed, as well as a real and sublime air battle “Dragon Ball Z · The Real 4-D” powered up.

Let’s go to the event which will be held at overwhelming quality and scale, with its scale and period expanded dramatically. Anime fans must see!?


June 30th – October 1st, 2017

  • Time varies according to the attraction. For details on the website.

Access & Address

Near JR Yumesaki Line “Universal City Station”

Universal Studios Japan

2-1-33, Sakurajima, Konohana-ku, Osaka

longitude: latitude: 34.665499, 135.432327

Entrance Fee & Reservation

Entrance Fee; Needed

  • Depending on the attraction, there are cases where numbered tickets are distributed at the time of congestion,

For details on the website

Official Website

Universal Studios

Run! Can ride! Road Train “SL Man”

Source:Anpanman Children's Museum

In “Kobe Anpanman Children’s Museum & Mall”, Road train “SL Man” is running for the limited period.

During the period, you can ride “SL Man” running around the museum, and you can fully enjoy the Anpanman World.

It is a lot of fun inside the museum.

You can put in “Anpanman-go”, a big slide, a corner where children can play in the bakery of “Uncle Jam” and Yanase Takashi Theater (you can see a show).

There is also a square that you can play with “Anpanman balls”, and a corner where you can experience handmade experiences, and it is a space where children can enjoy without getting bored.

Of course, adults can also take a break if you get tired. A cafe that can take a break is also set up.

Our recommendation is “Yanase Takashi Theater” where Anpanman etc. actually appear.

It is a stage of about 15 to 20 minutes, but it is an event that you can enjoy with parents by children dancing to Anpanman’s songs and daddy participating in songs.

Why do not you enter the museum and enjoy Anpanman with your kids, as well as ride “SL Man”?


July 4th – October 1st, 2017     10:30am – 5:00pm

Access & Address

8 minutes on foot from Kobe Station on JR Kobe Line

10 minutes on foot from Kosoku-Kobe Station on Hankyu, Hanshin, Sanyo Line

8 minutes on foot from Harborland Station on Subway Kaigan Line

KOBE Anpanman Children’s Museum & Mall

1-6-2, Higashikawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Pre.

longitude: 35.660084 latitude: 139.733998

Entrance Fee & Reservation

Free riding

*Museum entrance fee required; 1,500 Yen (Over one year)

Souvenir for 1-year-old kids – elementary school students, Entry free for shopping malls

  • To get on, you need a ride numbered ticket to get in the museum hall.

(Distribution of a ride numbered ticket is only 1 ticket per person and day / First-come-first-served basis)

Official Website

Anpanman Children's Museum

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