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【Night Club in Tokyo -Roppongi-】A legendary long-established club that made the Japanese Disco Boom, MAHARAJA ROPPONGI (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812451/maharaja_y0kasy.jpg) []( MAHARAJA ROPPONGIThe disco boom that swept Japan in the 1980s and 90s was led by Maharaja. The symbol of Japan’s

【Night Club in Tokyo -Roppongi-】One of Tokyo’s most famous clubs to enjoy a great night view and Nampa, V2 TOKYO (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812513/v2tokyo_02_pljypb.jpg) []( ## V2 TOKYOOut of the clubs in Roppongi, V2 TOKYO is the most famous and popular. V2 is located on the

【Night Club in Tokyo -Roppongi-】International Coupons available, Play in a recently renewed beautiful club, SIX TOKYO (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812520/1_3hs7i1lbskij30q5dt4je_ywrvww.jpg) []( ## SIX TOKYOSIX TOKYO is a club in the same building as the popular club V2. SIX

【Night Club in Tokyo -Azabujuban-】Luxurious Azabu Nampa Box, ELE TOKYO (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812534/CaXHf8nUAAESpk1_xkdb2m.jpg) []( ELE TOKYOELE TOKYO is a famous club in Azabu-juban that even Lady GaGa dropped in. The main floor has a modern appearance and the first floor is

Best Ramen Shops in Tokyo - Handpicked by a Japanese Ramen Freak (w/Photos)

Ramen Noodle is now a famous cuisine representing Japan. Among all the competitive cities, Tokyo is a battleground for ramen. Ramen shops cannot survive with just good ramen. Only “excellent” ramen with hidden recipes by the locals can win. Ichiran and Ippudo Ramen are well-know and have been leading shops