Asakusa is a touristic place famous for Senso-ji Temple. There are many tourists from Japan and foreign countries. They come not only for those touristic places but also for delicious local Asakusa food such as tendon, una-ju, soba and ramen. In this article, we will show you “Ramen-tei” and “Yoroiya” where you can enjoy Tokyo soy sauce ramen.

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Recommended Asakusa Food ③


Ramen is so popular in Japan that it is considered a national dish. Ramen was originally introduced from China, but has been developed for centuries. We put boiled Chinese noodle into the soup that is made with soy souse, miso, salt and pig bones, and the noodle is served with topped roast pork, menma, egg and green onion. Soy sauce ramen is also called “Tokyo Ramen.” The Tokyo ramen has its origin in a Chinese food restaurant “Rairai-ken”, which opened in Asakusa in 1910. Let’s get it and enjoy the traditional taste here in Asakusa!

Recommnded Ramen Shop “Ramen-tei”


Ramen-tei is the ramen shop that is known as the most reasonable and delicious ramen shop. This shop has only 10 seats inside, but has been surviving ramen mecca Asakusa. Their standard menu “Ramen” is only 350 yen. The noodle is wrinkled that mixes with soup nicely. The most popular menu is “Nikuatsu Wantan Men”. This dish has so substantial and thick wanton. Let’s go when you are hungry!

Access information
Address:Zip code: 111-0032
1-39-9, Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo-To

Business Hours :From 11:00 am to 20:00 pm (Monday to Friday)
From 10:00 am to 20:00 pm (Saturday and Sunday)


Recommnded Ramen Shop “Yoroiya”


Yoroiya is one of the most famous ramen shops in Asakusa. This ramen shop has appeared in TV and magazines many times. Every day men and women of all ages come to this shop to get the fantastic ramen. The secret of the popularity is the sauce. They make it with chicken bones, pig bones, dried fish, kombu and vegetable. They top yuzu on the soy sauce ramen. We recommend you to try the standard “Ramen” for 750 yen. Also, half of all guests order “Gyoza”(baked Chinese dumpling). This dish has healthy ingredients such as chicken dark meat and harusame. This dish is also recommended.

Access information
Address:Zip code: 111-0032
1-36-7, Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo-To

Business Hours :From11:00 am to 20:30 pm
Open 365 days a year, 7 days a week


What Is Asakusa Like?

The History of Asakusa

Asakusa has very long history. We must go back till 628 to trace the origin of “Senso-ji Temple”, the central of Asakusa. In the era of Samurai, this area had so developed because Asakusa had designated as a place to keep rice and many people of all grade such as samurai, merchant and townspeople. Also Senso-ji Temple had also developed because it got under the protection of the Tokugawa Shogunate. So there were many worshiper coming to Asakusa and local people started many restaurants and souvenir shops on the premises of a temple or a shrine. That’s how Asakusa has got one of the most famous touristic places in Tokyo. Many people come to see what Samurai era was like.

Enjoy Asakusa Local Food Fully!

There are many restaurants with history in Asakusa. You can get traditional Japanese food there. How about trying Tendon, Unaju, Soba and Ramen? Unaju is a rice bowl topped with grilled eel with sweet sauce. If you don’t know where to go, try one of the most famous ell food shop “Asakusa Una-tetsu.”

Recommended Asakusa Guided Tour

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Once you come to Asakusa, Do not go back without trying Izakaya, where you can enjoy local food and local Sake! We highly recommend you to join this tour where an experienced guide will bring you to 3 izakayas. In this Izakaya-hopping tour, you may want to try Tokyo’s specialty “Monja-yaki” with a kind of alcohol “Hoppy.” Let’s have a fantastic night with a glass on your hand!