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Food to Go in Tsukiji Market – Deep-fried products – AjinoHamato (w/Photos)

In Tsukiji Market, there are two areas: the outside market and the inside market. In the outside market, you can look around while you munch and sample some food. Because of the reason, they attract tourist all over the world. Let me introduce you AjinoHamato. They offer yummy deep-fried products.

Buy your delicious "Tamagoyaki"(Japanese omelet) at Tsukiji-jōgai-shijō 丸武 “Marutake” (w/Photos)

Tsukiji –jōgai- shijō is the most famous wholesale market in Japan.Though Tsukiji-jōnai- shijō is mainly a wholesale market for the professionals,at this Tsukiji –jōgai-shijō is also for tourists from foreign countries.One of the popular shops is Marutake. You can eat delicious “tamagoyaki”(Japanese omelet).This shop opened

Buy your delicious "Kaisenyaki"(grilled seafood) at Tsukiji- jōgai –shijō, Maguro-no-Miyako (w/Photos)

Tsukiji –shijō is world famous fish market of Japan. It’s divided into two places 場内(jōnai) – mainly for the wholesale market for the professionals and 場外(jōgai)- Tourists can easily pay a visit to this famous place. We’ll tell you about the famous shop Maguro-no-Miyako at this

Buy your delicious "Onigiri"(rice ball) at Tsukiji-jōgai–shijō, Marutoyo (w/Photos)

Tsukiji –shijō is a famous & largest wholesale market in Japan. They divided two places 場内(jōnai)- mainly for the wholesale market for the professionals and 場外(jōgai)- Tourists can easily pay a visit to this famous place. Please keep in mind, it’s not allowed to bring

Must-Try Street Foods in Tsukiji: Menchikatsu at Yoshizawa Shoten (w/Photos)

Tsukiji Market is Japan’s most famous wholesale market. Tsukiji Market is divided into two sections: the Inner Market where professionals gather and the Outer Market where common folk, including tourists, can get a taste of the excitement. A great way to explore the Outer Market is sampling street foods.

Sanokiya, A Fish-shaped Pancake You Should Try Out at Tsukiji Outer Market (w/Photos)

Tsukiji fish market is the world largest wholesale market which is separated into 2 sections: inner market for dealers of seafood and vegetable and fruit, and outer market which has many restaurants for the public to enjoy seafood. It’s would be fun that you go to the outer market

Best 6 food vendors to enjoy walk and eat at the Tsukiji outside market (w/Photos)

The Tsukiji market (in-house) is where brokers and buyers make purchases of seafood, and visiters can observe the tuna fish auction. Outside of Tsukiji there has another market where customers enjoy eating and purchasing fresh and gourmet foods. There are various shops and foods to enjoy on site or for