Tsukiji –jōgai- shijō is the most famous wholesale market in Japan.Though Tsukiji-jōnai- shijō is mainly a wholesale market for the professionals,at this Tsukiji –jōgai-shijō is also for tourists from foreign countries.One of the popular shops is Marutake. You can eat delicious “tamagoyaki”(Japanese omelet).This shop opened during Taisho-period.We’ll show you some points of Marutake worth to visit.

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source: 和洋風KAI

Marutake is a shop specialized in “tamagoyaki”(Japanese omelet) at tsukiji –jōgai-shijō

The eggs which used for “tamagoyaki” come directly from the farm. Besides they have a fine selection of soy sauce, soup stock and sugar. The shop was opened during Taisho-period and started baking “tamagoyaki” before world war. This shop is owned by the family of Japanese critic Terry Ito.

It’s located 5 minutes on foot from Tsukiji-shijo Station. You should visit and try it out.

You can eat delicious “tamagoyaki” for only 100 yen.

You can eat delicious “tamagoyaki” for only 100 yen.

source: 丸武

Do you know that you can eat”tamagoyaki” for only 100 yen? It’s a “Yakitama 100 yen”.

The taste of Tamagoyaki when just baked melts in your mouth. Everyone likes!

You can only eat Marutake at this place.

A popular dish of Marutake, sweets and high class “Atuyakitamago” (thick Japanese omelet )

A popular dish of Marutake, sweets and high class “Atuyakitamago” (thick Japanese omelet )

source: 丸武

“Atuyakitamago” is as popular as “Yakitama 100 yen”. The reason is the sweet taste of the dish which exist since the shop opened.

It costs 620 yen. It’s well worth the price. You can also enjoy “Atuyakitamago “with other ingredients.

Marutake detail

Yakitama 100 yen, atsuyaki-tamago(thick Japanese omelet) , Ebi-tama (Japanese omelet with shrimp) Oboro, Negi-tama (Japanese omelet with long green onion)

Business Hours

Weekday   4:00 – 14:30

Sunday     8:30 – 14:00 ( closed in January & August )

Closed on national holidays & when the Tsukiji – shijō is closed.


Address:   4-10-10 Tsukiji Chūō-ku 104-0045 Tokyo

Tel:       03-3542-1919

Official Website  :  http://www.tsukiji-marutake.com/