Yanaka Ginza is a retro area still remaining an atmosphere that remind of Showa era in Tokyo and an area filled with human touches. Among the area, “a candy store” is popular with foreigner travelers. A store called “Goto’s candy” in Yanaka Ginza is a typical of stores selling Japanese-style candies. Candy is light and convenient to take home as a souvenir.

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Goto’s candy

Source: 谷中銀座商店街振興組合

Goto’s candy in Yanaka Ginza sells a large variety of candies. Such store that have so many kinds of candies may not be easily found in all around Japan. It is perfect for finding a souvenir. Ginger candy, green tea candy and tankiri candy are the most popular ones. These candies are very rich in aroma. Additionally, you can enjoy rich taste and aroma of the Japanese tea at the same time. Further, the items lined up at the store are different according to the season. There are seasonal candies. Especially, citrus candies, such as Yuzu candy, are popular recently. Many people shall be addicted to its sweet and sour aroma.

Source : 谷中銀座商店街振興組合

Goto’s candy was opened in Yanaka Ginza since Taisho 11 (1922) and is an old-established store operating quite a long time. Goto’s candy keeps tradition about how to make the candies. Various candies are made as the commodities, and the consistent theme of all the candies is to make the best use of the taste of the ingredients. Keeping the tradition, Goto’s candy have been loved in the downtown untill now. In addition, items for sale are not just candies. On weekends, snacks such as Karinto and Agemochi, which are unique to old town in Tokyo, are lined up. They are also recommended to take home as souvenirs. Hopefully you fully enjoy the traditional snacks that Japanese love.

Long seller at Goto’s candy! When you find a red candy, just buy it. Tomato-ball

Source : 谷中銀座商店街振興組合

We introduce Tomato-ball as the most famous item at Goto’s candy. As it is called, this is a tomato flavored candy. Containing plenty of tomato, it is very fruity and smells good. It does not have peculiar taste compared with mint or ginger candy, and taste good.

Outline of “Goto’s candy”

・main goods(if any)

Home-made candies, Karinto, Agemochi and Old–fashion snacks etc

・Business hour

10:30a.m. – 19:00 p.m.

・Closed on

Wednesdays ・Seasonal vacation in summer time



3-15-1 Nishi Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, 116-0013




About 5 minutes on foot from JR Nippori station

411m from Sendagi station

・Estimated time from Haneda Airport, Narita Airport and Tokyo station

48 minutes from Haneda Airport

45 minutes from Narita Airport

18 minutes from Tokyo Station

・Official sight URL



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