## Kaisei yu

Kaisei-yu is a popular for reforming a traditional Japanese public bath place.
Generally a public bath has only simple facilities of changing room and bath tubs, but this Kaisei-yu is a little more unique. They have aquariums set right next to the bathtubs. Therefore, you can view the fishes while relaxing in the tub. Hence being popular to adults, families with children seem to enjoy them even more. Kaiseiyu also has unique features in their hot water. They added in carbonated sparkling water into the natural hot spring “Kuro-yu”. The Kuroyu has a strong anti-bacterial effects and is also effective for neuralgia and muscle pain.
It also is effective for removing dirt off skin. Hence, it can clear your skin while making you relaxed at the same time. Also, unusually as a public bath place, there are areas where you can dye your hair. It also has coin launderette facilities, so it is always a plus for long travelers.

If you want to experience various new facilities and service while enjoying the traditional Japanese style public bath, Kaisei-yu is the perfect place for you.

Detail of Kaisei yu

Address〒144-0051 5-10-5, Nishikamata, Oota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hours3PM-12:30AM


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