Harajuku is a center of cutting edge fashion. Unique young people gather and many fashionable shops exist as high sense area. Japanese and foreign famous brand shops, Harajuku unique atmosphere tasty café, restaurant, gourmet and sweets shops gather. New fashion and culture are born day by day at this town.

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Crazy and colorful fine unique atmosphere café is introduced! Famous shops also introduced on magazine and TV.

About “Kawaii monster café”

source : flickr

source : flickr

Kawaii monster cafe  is an entertainment café. At noon, it is a café restaurant to visualize “Mix world fashion, culture and become like crazy colorful monster Harajuku”. At night, it changes to entertainment restaurant to enjoy Harajuku night. When getting inside, “MONSTER GIRL”, Harajuku iconic girl will come to meet you.  At first, there is round rolling cake style merry-go-round. Next comes colorful and exciting 4 zones. “MUSHROOM DISCO”, “MILK STAND”, “Bar Experiment” and “Mel-Tea ROOM”. You can select seats from them. It is an unrealistic experience, stray into other world. The dishes look like psychedelic but have good enough taste. In addition, you can enjoy dinner show with ticket like real Broadway. It shows different face between noon and dinner.

Kawaii monster café regular menu



“Rainbow pasta” has pallet as motif. It is colorful pasta to have different color tasty source on the dish as paint. “Colorful poison parfait extreme” is a colorful cream and roll cake parfait which perfectly matches the word of “poison cute”. “Special Combo” is recommended for dinner. This is a grilled dish with Japanese beef, pork, chicken and vegetable mix. You can select source from “Japan teriyaki”, “England gravy” “America Cajun” and “Italy basil”.

Food: “Colorful rainbow pasta (paint)” “Candy salad”

Sweets: “Melting pancake (pink sweets hearts)” “Colorful poison parfait extreme” Drink: Non alcohol “Cocktail non drag (night beam)” “Fruity heavenly (tapioca)”

Kawaii monster café over view

・Open:11:30~22:30 Last entrance 21:30

・Close:Open all days


・Address:YM square 4F, 4‐31‐10, Jingumae, Shibuya ku


・Reservation TEL:050-5589-4611  reservation is not available on Sat, Sun and holiday

・Access:Tokyo metro Chiyoda line, Fukutoshin line “Jingumae”. 3minits walk

・Official side      http://kawaiimonster.jp/