It has been 150 years since Yokohama opened the port. Yokohama is a historical port town. We still can feel the Western culture atmosphere and history all around the town. It is interesting that depends on the area, you can check the difference, such as uptown to feel history, energetic Chinatown, city like Minatomirai area and so on. It’s just about 45 minutes from Tokyo, so why not try going? This time, this article will introduce you about Yokohama Kanteibyo as a photogenic spot.

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Yokohama photogenic spot 10 Yokohama Kanteibyo

About Yokohama Kanteibyo

Kanteibyo exists in Chinatown all over the world. At Kanteibyo, Kanu, the famous military commander of Sangokushi, China is worshipped. Kanu is the God of business. It is said there is a fortune for prosperous business. This is also a power spot to cut away the bad luck and evil fate.

When you go to Kanteibyo, try to draw a fortune at first. If someone bad is written, it means you could have cut away the bad luck.

Worship method is to buy incense stick (5 sticks per a set) or to buy a ticket for entry. In case you buy incense stick, give the incense stick one by one to the God of Kanteibyo and step forward.

In addition to worship itself, it’s good to check the building. Especially the ceiling is gorgeous to the detailed work. The beauty is said that there is no other beautiful building in abroad which Chinese made. Be careful that taking pictures are prohibited inside. The outside of the building has great beauty and splendor in red, gold and yellow. The gorgeousness exterior is instagrammable for sure.

Yokohama Kanteibyo photogenic spot “ front gate”

The front gate of Yokohama Kanteibyo is photogenic. Red pillar has red paper lantern handed. This matches to roof color. Kanteibyo roof is all yellow. This yellow color is the pray for town prosperity. The paper lantern has red color and has good contrast to make the yellow color strong. The vivid contrast of yellow and red will make you pictures more impressive.

Yokohama Kanteibyo photogenic spot “roof’

The gorgeous ornament exterior of “Yokohama Chinatown Kanteibyo” is photo genic everywhere. Especially the roof has “four Gods” of direction. The status of Seiryu, Sujaku, Byakko and Genbu are amazing. It’s good to take a picture at the point of these four Gods. Actually, the dragon above the roof is made by glass. Let’s look up and feel how detailed, gorgeous and photogenic the ornaments are.

What is Yokohama?

The recommended sightseeing area in Yokohama are Yokohama station area, Minato mirai area, Yamashita Park area, Kannai area and Yokohama Chinatown area where we introduced in this article. Yokohama Chinatown made it’s current original town style soon after the open port. So, it has history about 150 years. At Chinatown, in addition to Yokohama kanteibyo, there is Yokohama sobyo. By taking pictures of foods at restaurants in back alley, Chinese sweets, you might get photogenic features.

Access to Yokohama

From Tokyo station
Walk from Keihin Tohoku line “Kannai station”. About 45 minutes.
From Shibuya station
To Tokyu toyoko line “Yokohama station”. About 45 minutes.
From Haneda airport
Keikyu airport line “Keikyu Kamata station”. Take Keikyu honsen to “Yokohama station”. About 30 minutes.

Recommended place to go Yokohama!

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